IELTS Writing Samples Band 9

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How are you recently? Thank you for being my travel companion in Japan. I am writing to you as I would like to see if you could share a photo that we took together in Japan with me.
A glance at the bar chart provided reveals the total amount of producing carbon in terms of six countries in 1975,1990 and 2005(units:thousand metric tonnes).
Bar graph below shows the amount of carbon emissions in different countries during three different years.
With the advent of globalization in the 21st century, people have migrated across the globe in search of better lifestyles and employment opportunities. While the masses have established themselves in a new nation, on the other hand, some remained in their home country. This essay will discuss both of these viewpoints and will be concluded with my opinion.
I am writing to reply regarding your complaint about the buzz from my building. Yes, the rooftop of my dwelling was damaged totally, and as the weather forecast said about the possibility of a storm coming next month, I wanted to fix my roof within two/three days, engaging local carpenters.
Purchasing homes is assumed to be the preliminary step of welcoming new births of a family in most Asian nations. The demand for housing keeps growing, particularly in city centres. In the following essay, I would elaborate on the cause behind this situation and explain why I believe it has detrimental impacts on house purchasers.
It is true that we do not recycle enough of our household waste. Although I accept that new legislation to force the public to recycle could help this situation, I do not agree that a recycling regulation is the only measure that governments should take.
In the modern era of education, people prioritise their dreams and desire, whereas universities, colleges and schools give ample autonomy for students to grow and thrive in their own ways. I fully agree that modern teaching patterns have evolved and they do not offer many major sources for the students but the pupil can always do their search by using technology as well as library materials. In the following paragraphs, I will delve into the subject by giving examples and demonstrating my standpoint.
In the modern eras, high school graduates in many countries popularly take a gap for a year before studying in universities for vacation and working. In this essay, the benefits and drawbacks of spending a period will be elaborate on before my conclusion is reached.
Career plays a vital role in our lives. While some people believe that people should have a single career, which is becoming old-fashioned by the way, others believe that every one of us must have multiple careers for earning the money and that learning will continue to be part of our lives forever. This essay will argue on both sides with relevant examples for a deeper understanding.
Throughout the course of life, we encounter so many unpleasant circumstances, many of which are unavoidable. Some believe it is better to accept a bad circumstance as it is and be content with what we have. Meanwhile, others argue that we have to fight against these odds to come out of poverty or unsatisfactory jobs. Though both views have valid points, in my opinion, we have to stand up against most of the odds to live happily.
The diagrams show how a sporting centre of a particular university developed from a land area of 5200 square metres to 6800 square metres since the year 2007.
The two maps compare the same sporting center of a specific university in 2007 and present. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.
Traditionally it is considered natural to work in the same company and retire from there. The modern approach, however, is switching jobs in a couple of years to stay relevant. Whilst some people still stick to the traditional style, others opine in favour of job hopping. In this essay, I will discuss and give my opinion on both points of view.
The graph provides information about, how much electric power was generated and its usage throughout 2014 in the main ten states.
The bar chart illustrates the amounts of electrical generation and electrical usage in 2014 in ten nations.
In some areas of the world, there are vehicle-free days when there is a restriction on all personal means of transportation entering the city centre in order to promote the use of public vehicles. Although this trend may bring about several adverse effects, I believe the merits exceed the demerits.
In this contemporary society, overseas films and programmes have absolutely attracted a myriad of local viewers. While some people show much interest in these options, others oppose that only local movies and shows should be shown on TV. In this essay, I will examine both viewpoints; however, I advocate the importing of other cultural channels.
In recent times, it is observed that the young population is becoming less social with the older ones as compared to the past. Although there are various reasons linked to it, still this problem has solutions. Subsequent paragraphs will explain them in detail.
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