Modern educational institutions do not offer all the ingredients that are needed for success. To what extent do you agree with the above statement? Give reasons for your answer

In the modern era of education, people prioritise their dreams and desire,
universities, colleges and schools give ample autonomy for students to grow and thrive in their own ways. I fully agree that modern teaching patterns have evolved and they do not offer many major sources for the students but the pupil can always do their search by using technology
as well as
library materials. In the following paragraphs, I will delve into the subject by giving examples and demonstrating my standpoint.
innovations in technology have given us a lot of new ideas and materials. Educators can always utilise their visions and develop new mentions of theories and the opine of their study.
For example
, if the institutions have provided all the ingredients, learners often will use the materials that prove rather than critically using their ideas on the projects.
will lead to the scholars often becoming close-minded and ego to explore more resources to back up their vision.
On the other hand
, the space and support provided in the education settings, are able to indulge educators' needs. Pupils can use the ability to create their dreams and find solutions to their issues with the support of tutors and lectures.
, if a student has goals for creating new robots, they can ask for support and comments from their professors and peers,
can help pupils learn from the books and be capable to build their connections in the settings provided.
As a result
can be beneficial to the institutions and the communities.
To sum up
, the modern ways of learning do help educators become more aware of their surroundings and understand the importance of their peers and dreams. Solid ingredients are not provided but the raw ingredients are on the tables students just need to be more adventurous and utilise the resources that they have in the settings. I reiterate that I totally agree that the new technic of education is the ways that the modern world needs, as people always be curious and critics their thoughts and abilities.
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