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The table illustrated the police funding over two years,while , the pie chart showed explained how the money was spent on salaries,technology, buildings and transport during 2017 and 2018.
The table and chart below give information on police budget
I hope you are taking good care of yourself. I am writing this letter to tell you about the concert ticket that I purchased, but I am unable to go there due to some family obligations. Hence, I would like you to go and attend the concert on my purchased ticket.
Is it plausible to conceive of traffic reduction and fewer environmental issues when the oil price goes up? This matter has widely been a hot dispute among experts. Some of them believe that a growing number of vehicles possession in cities is associated with cheaper gasoline, and this is devastating to the environment. At certain points, I personally agree with this perspective, nonetheless, there is a combination of factors that contradict it and other measurements ought to be taken into consideration.
Is asserted by Some that individuals prefer to spend their lives doing the same activities and not try new things but there is a strong counter-argument amongst sections of people that change plays an important role in existence.This is a matter to be debated in the light of several factors which would be discussed in the following paragraphs along with my opinion.
In this day and age, many parents force their children to concentrate too much on academics. Others oppose that children should spend more time doing kinesthetic activities. Although studying performance at school is of great importance, I strongly advocate parents advise their offspring to engage more in physical exercise.
Planning to have a child is one of the paramount decisions in a couple's life. These days the number of people who prefer to have a baby later is dramatically increasing.I believe that this trend has more benefits than drawbacks.
One of the controversial topics today relates to whether monetary budgets should be allocated more to space exploration or be spent solving current societal problems. Although myriad folks oppose wasting financial resources on this field, I advocate investing more in universal discovery.
In most successful companies, while some think that the most crucial element of that success is the communication between the bosses and the employees, some argue that other elements are more important. This essay will discuss both views and I support that some other factors play a bigger role.
In recent years, technology developed very fast, people prefer to acquire news online than read newspapers or watch TV, this problem has become a major issue in our society. It is argued that surfing online is harmful to people, even though its advantages are obvious. I agree the limits exceed the benefits.I will give both sides' reasons in the following sentences.
It is universally known that human beings love challenges and are intrigued by something refreshingly new. Climbing a corporate ladder is like running a marathon where you need to maintain your spirit. Working on repetitive tasks all day makes workers feel left behind and won't gain any growth which leads to burnout and loss of their passion. This essay will discuss the reason why the problem occurs along with relevant examples.
Hope you and your family doing well, I am writing this to offer you the music event at my sister's wedding which is going to be held at next month's end. Because she asked me to arrange that for her wedding so I have decided to make it a memorable event for her.
Recent years have witnessed an increase in the number of individuals carrying out cosmetic operations to make their appearance perfect. There are several reasons behind this trend and I believe that this development is a demerit.
Today, owning cutting-edge gadgets such as smartphones or Microsoft Surfaces and taking advantage of them for professional purposes is not only customary but also beneficial, from my perspective due to a wide range of productive applications. However, the drawbacks should not be underestimated.
Every time a new model of iPhone was released, some of my friends would sell their old ones in order to keep ahead of the fashion trends. It makes me wonder why there are many companies making advertisements to publicize their products and claiming that these are the most advanced and latest creations. In the following essay, I would elaborate on the reasons for it and explain why I think it is a bad trend for those businesses to do so.
Earth has a variety of living creatures in a co-existing environment , sadly many are at the edge of extinction. This essay will focus on some of the reasons why it can be caused and how governments can protect them.
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