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The vast majority of the population deems that a presence of a tour guide is composed of a necessary part throughout the tour destination while others argue with this position and claim that visitors can be travelled independently. I advocate strongly with these statements and am going to reflect on this essay my own view of such a common issue and to discuss both opinions.
I am writing to let you know that I have forgotten to take my jacket with me after the movie. I watched the afternoon show on Saturday 3 January 2021, I believe that I have left my jacket in the cinema hall.
I am writing to let you know that the internet service provided by the hotel which our annual general meeting was held was unsatisfactory. The event took place on 01 January 2021 at the Grand Hotel Colombo. Although the overall hospitality was remarkable, the meeting did not go smoothly, due to the network issues.
The majority of the masses choose to wake up before the usual time and begin the daily work. While others adopt to get up late opportunity in the day and be at work until midnight. In my opinion, I opt for the regular working hours as it is beneficial to strength and wealth. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I shall explain my point of view.
Some public argues that there are highly lots of options for contemporary people. This view deserves a significant topic of discussion by ordinary citizens and politicians regarding the advantages and the disadvantages of a capitalistic society. As a representative citizen of the middle-class in South Korea, I partly agree with the statement above. The reasons why are as follows.
Nowadays multinational companies hire an enormous quantity of staff to work and to enhance their economical boundaries. Some people argue that if employees who work for large organizations and factories must shift to the countryside so that the traffic and housing problems must be resolved. In my opinion, I completely disagree with the above statement because these citizens would waste their precious time while commuting to the office.
There is a debate whether offspring should be given the space to commit mistakes, while others think that families should not allow their offspring to commit mistakes. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument, and then I will give my opinion.
The decisions should be made by only supervisors or executives, according to some people. Other people, nevertheless, opine that everyone in a company should be involved in making these things. In my opinion, all members should decide on their own jobs. Both sides along with my perspectives linked to the topic will be outlined in the following paragraphs.
Arguably, it is commented whether the world-ruling power should use public funds sensitizing and mobilizing citizens to avert sickness or it should allocate the same money to individuals cure. Personally, I strongly agree with the view since it is worthy of preventing rather than treating. Although a cure is less spending than prevention. This essay will shed light on both sides of the view and provide evidence to prove the arguments.
Some would argue that youngsters ought to have the freedom to make mistakes, whilst some believe that it is adults' duty to protect their offspring from any wrong activities. Although a miserable fault and learning from that can build a psychologically strong man, I personally do not agree with that statement because one evil step can make a child suffer and therefore parents can help them with their life experience.
These days, technologies have been developed rapidly by brilliant humans and become one of the most significant associated with everyone’s life. Moreover, this statement creates the different procedures which convert their daily routine. In this essay, I absolutely agree with modern logic is transforming consumer's life due to comfortable and spending times.
In recent years it's been observed that more and more families are rarely gathering to have the daily meals together.I believe that this is happening because people are unable to balance between their occupations and personal life which has led to major cracks in normal family structure.
It is questioned if the government should give more money to education than the arts. On my behalf, I think that, in some way, art is a way of cultivating people too. Accordingly, it shouldn´t be possible to choose one. After all, places such as museums, galleries, exhibitions, concerts, dancing and other performances, form part of today´s education and even if the state had a bigger budget for schools, these institutions alone will never be enough.
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