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As a result of the challenges associated with the increase in automobiles on the major roads of cities, some believe that the use of personal cars should be restricted from plying these highways. In my opinion, I strongly agree that this ban should take effect sooner rather than later due to problems such as environmental pollution and traffic congestion.
It is considered by some that spending money on the arts is of no use, so government should allocate its fund on other sectors. Although other sectors such as healthcare and transportation need more money, but not in the cost of arts, which is very important. In this essay I will explain in detail that why money should be spent on the arts.
Regardless of the breakthroughs in food production globally, many do not have what to eat. In this essay, I will be reviewing the causes and also propose solutions to nip these issues in the bud.
In the modern work, the internet has its influences in all the fields. A group of people argued that the current technology can replace the country's historical exhibitions, as all the ancient objects can be viewed through the computer. I am not supporting this argument and the following essay state points to support my view.
The national expenditure on transportation is an area of heavy debate. While some people are of the opinion that more funds should be channelled towards building better rail tracks, so as to facilitate faster journeys between major cities, others are of the opinion that, strengthening the older systems will be more beneficial. In my opinion, it is vital to renovate the existing transport system. We will discuss both these views, in this essay.
The rising level of people’s income is being increasingly witnessed in many nations nowadays and as a result, people tend to purchase more products compared to the past. In this essay, I shall discuss why I believe this is largely a positive development even though there are a few drawbacks associated with this trend.
It is thought by many that there has been a rapid rise in poor attitude and lack of regard shown to others in the society. This is as a result of no parental guidance in the family. One way of tackling this is for parents to guide children in the right direction.
Science plays an important role in making people immortal. While some think that it is considered valuable because it will increase the survival rate of human being, others argue that.In my opinion, science will definitely ensure people would live more than 200 years and it will bring positivity to the society.
I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction regarding the dishwasher that I have purchased at your store. I am a regular customer and have purchased many items at your store but, never faced an issue before.
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