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Technology has an impact on the interactions people have with each other. It has made people become closer to each other than before and students can learn from international teachers. This is a positive development because people’s relationships have improved.
Television is always been a good source of entertainment for almost every age group of people. But watching television for juveniles is a debatable issue for most of us. Some demographics of society deem that children nowadays are spending more time on watching television as they were doing in the past. This essay will discuss the various pros and cons of watching television in the upcoming paragraphs.
In hospitals, moderate physical exercise is suggested to elderly people now, while most patients do not adopt the advice from doctors. In this essay, I will elaborate on the reasons behind such a phenomenon and suggest some possible solutions for encouragement of regular exercise.
In this present-day world, it is commonly stated that affluent countries ought to give a helping hand to asylum seekers who faced a serious war or persecution from their home country,however, it is a difficult action for each country. Some people believe that wealthy countries have to fulfil the primary needs of refugees and others oppose, I agree with this statement because it is fundamental for a human being to start a new life.This essay will enunciate the positive and negative impacts of this responsibility with appropriate examples.
There is a tremendously controversial perspective heating up a debate over how to deal with perpetrators. Some people claim that imprisoning law-breakers is not an efficient way to put control over them and providing schooling and training is the optimal method. While this statement is valid to some extent, I would contend that it is optimal to combine both mentioned solutions.
Communities have needed leaders for centuries. Many people think that the leadership features cannot earn later. However, many people argue that a person who wants to be a leader to society, she or he may be a successful head.
It is questioned if having only one product is the way to achieve the success of a company. Some think that is the solution. In my opinion, the validation from the client is the highest influence in business. In every startup, the results depend on how people respond to it and who the target is.
Start work and retire from the same institute or keep changing working companies for one or another reason is persons own decision and depending on their mindset ,they can vary from individual to individual depending on circumstances of sticking to a single organisation or keep rotating ,is a non-ending debate but in my ,opinion if the person can find one organisation where one's efforts are valued and appreciated in a timely manner that would be the best.
In the era of industrialization, the demand for using gas and oil is an indispensable thing in today's life. Although the cost of living is better, we can use electric cars that do not need gas and oil to active, but the demand for gas and oil is rising and looking up new sources in remote and unspoiled areas is an important issue. I strongly agree that demand for gas and oil is increasing and so finding new sources in remote and untouched areas is a necessity.
In actuality, the argument regarding the impact of high fuel prices on growing traffic and pollution problems drags our immediate attention because of its universality. Some of us assert that the approach of escalating the prices could be harmful to people and society in many ways. I strongly reject the idea of an increase in the fuel prices.
In actuality, the argument regarding the impact of high fuel prices on growing traffic and pollution problems drags our immediate attention because of its universality. Some of us assert that the approach of escalating the prices could be harmful to people and society in many ways. I strongly reject the idea of an increase in the fuel prices.
In the techno-savvy era, phones and web access have changed the method of conveying. It is seen that there has been a paradigm shift from face-to-face association to web systems connections and text messaging. However, face-to-face contact would never fade and eliminate in human society even the technology makes connections more convenient and faster by applying different apparatus and new approaches.
The increasing weight, as well as decreasing health and fitness of the general people,health and fitness of the general people are the problem concerned. In the following paragraphs, the causes and solutions of this statement will be outlined.
People argue that, to gain a successful career, learning at university or college is inevitable. In contrast, other people believe that receiving a job after finishing study at school might be more approachable. From my perspective, I believe both higher education and employment after school can lead to different career paths to achieve success. I will discuss the higher education and job prospects below to support my point of view.
Money plays a crucial aspect for human lives due to the satisfying needs and wants by use this, similarly relaxation is also the essential. Some think that having numerous capital and taking a minimum amount of leisure time is better than earning less cash and having innumerable free time. This essay discusses both viewpoints, I strongly agree with the former opinion for the following reasons.
People have different views about whether governments should introduce a maximum wage. While in some ways it may seem reasonable to allow people to earn as much as companies are willing to pay, I personally believe that employee remuneration should be capped at a certain level.
In several nations, an increasing number of people are concerned about the origin of their places of residence. In this essay, I am going to discuss some relevant reasons for this phenomenon, along with how people could actually research the history of their houses.
For years, in some countries, adults usually lectured that children can attain anything if they work at their utmost. Such a lesson is beautiful and sound. Yet I am going to discuss a bigger 'picture' of this message with its pros and cons in this essay.
It is an often argued issue whether an education is a single crucial aspect for improving nations or not by many debates and TV shows. Education plays a crucial part of develop the nations undoubtedly, however, there are some other factors also contains for developing states such as science and technology, therefore, I strongly disagree with this statement for the following reasons.
It is true that today’s generation has developed a tendency of spending more and more hours watching television. The present essay shall cast light on the positive and negative and lead to a logical conclusion.
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