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Childhood is one of the most precious and crucial stage of human life whereby generating good behaviour and mentality is more important. Resultantly, some people argued that work experience provides further development of children but others contended that it will badly effect their meaningful knowledge gathering and accepting responsibilities. In this essay, I will explain both views with relevant examples.
In the education field, many students try to do their best in studies. It is argued by few people that children who get the topmost grades in their academics should be awarded. However, there are others who believe that students who show better results are the ones that should be recognized. In my opinion, the latter should be given more emphasis so that they continue to progress in future.
Water scarcity has become a pressing issue among the countries , which proves the urgent need to tackle the problem. As the number of resources that provide freshwater is decreasing the humans in some parts of the world suffered from dehydration that can eventually lead to losses of lives. and the operation of businesses and human activities have been affected.
In this modern era, some individuals choose to work by themselves rather than doing the job for company.The main reason is a hectic life.The following paragraphs will describe more reasons and the disadvantage of being self-employed.
In the present era, accommodation is the necessity of everyone. In many countries, more people prefer to own their houses in contrast to leasing one. This essay will discuss why it is very important to be an owner of a house.
Recent times are witnessing the danger on the life-span of the living creatures of Earth owing to the alterations in the climatic behaviour. This essay totally goes with this statement as the more worse the weather is, the more unfavorable the survival conditions will become leading to the disappearance of marine life, human civilization and corals of the planet . Although the extinction of fossils can also make a person's survival difficult, it will not be much worse than climate change.
Nowadays, more and more people are travelling to different locations where conditions are hard, like a desert or the antarctic. In fact, there are some advantages to visiting difficult conditions places, on the other hand, these places have some drawbacks. In this essay, I would like to explain the good sides and bad sides of these places.
In this fast-moving world, we are obsessed with technology to such an extent that we want to use it in every aspect of our life. Few humans feel that only online study material should be used for children. On the contrary other's believe that they should use printed material. Both of these viewpoints will be discussed in the upcoming paragraphs.
At present, scientific research across the world is carried out and controlled sometimes by governments, sometimes by private companies. While there are some arguments in favour of scientific research by corporations, I agree with the view that this should be funded and supervised by the state. The private sector argues that it is willing to undertake scientific research, but there are two significant dangers in this. In terms of the quality and objectivity of the research itself, corporations that carry this out may be tempted to manipulate results in order to maximize profits. There have been numerous scandals as a result of new products being introduced hurriedly after inadequate trials. For example, thalidomide, developed by a German drug company, resulted in the birth of thousands of malformed children. From an ethical perspective, leaving research into areas such as genetic engineering in the hands of corporations may have profound social consequences -such as GM crops, with unproven effects which may destroy whole ecosystems as a result of meddling with nature. Although governments have to allocate resources to many areas of public spending, it is essential that they be responsible for scientific research.
In this social circumstance, we all live in different cultures that reflect to many beliefs for us to be trusted. There is one of the lessons in certain countries that parents are giving to their children prevalently is in order to achieve something, you have to work hard for it. According to this, it can drive children to try harder while there will also be some drawbacks in terms of stress.
The emerging of pre-packed foods has been a revolutionary change that has assisted humans to conquer the lack of time as an offspring of the industrial era.while some drawbacks,such as health problems, have been experienced.To me, its positive footprints can triumph if the saved time be utilised properly.However, both sides are uttered here.
Nowadays, there is no doubt that fast food has become a part of life for a lot people all over the world. Thus, it has certainly affected the lifestyles of many people all over the world. And from what I have seen, I agree that fast food has bad effects on lifestyles and diet. In countries like the United States, fast food has caused a lot of obesity cases in children and adults alike, which will lead to diseases that affect their lifestyle. Also, if a child is used to eating fast food since they are young, it is very likely that they will have an unhealthy diet for the rest of their life. I will try to explain further within this essay.
Tourism is the most contributed sector in any economy.So it is believed by some humans that on tourist places behaviour of people who are visiting is creating a negative impact on tourism.So we will discuss one's behaviour while visiting such places creates a bad picture in someone's mind who is not from the same country,following with the measures which are taken into effect by the authorities as well as which should be taken into effect.
The carrier options have become a significant aspect of human lives because every person life is depending on their work nature and earnings. Thus, a majority of people argue that doing an interesting job is more crucial while others believe that high income is more beneficial for smooth running of life. But ,I opine that having a satisfied work is more important to raise the standard of livelihood.
Every professional occupies a specific niche in society, doctor to hell, Engineers to design and Bankers to handle finance. Teachers are a standout subsumption entity, I strongly agree that they hold a huge role in the growth of Childers life.
I worked for Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk as an Internal Auditor after graduation. Many aspects in manufacturing business cycles have been audited, such as finance, compliance and process. This job has sharpened my analytical thinking, problem-solving, and data processing skills since I have to ensure if there is still room for improvement. One of my biggest contributions to the company was when I saw a significant rise in the overtime pay in the financial statement. Then, I observed and found that the amount calculated by payroll officers was bigger compared to the government regulation in Indonesia. As a result, the company’s growth shown in the financial statement looked smaller than it should be. After that, I decided to give a comprehensive recommendation so that efficiency can be achieved, and profits in the financial statement reflect the actual situation.
At present, children love to play with novel electronic gadgets such as computers, mobile phones, and portable gaming devices. However, especially adults believe that instead of clinging to such equipment it is better to engage in outdoor activities for youngsters. I agree with this statement and this essay will analyze this issue using examples from our society to demonstrate points and support arguments.
It is true that some food and drink which contain a lot of sugar or fat may be harmful to humans. While some people believe that shops should be district to sell that food to lead a healthy life, I completely disagree with this view.
Today, community activities are not that strange for us in our modern society. The action not only shows compassion, but also shows each individual's understanding and sympathy for those facing more difficult circumstances. For me, unpaid services should be a mandatory part of the curriculum.
Nowadays, in some ,countries the young generation population overtakes the old ones. Some people think that time situation can bring more benefits to the countries. This essay will discuss the advantages of this situation is outweigh the deaverages. The essay will first demonstrate that the more younger adults it has in the countries the more benefits can be added. Next, the essay will illustrate the drawbacks and negative impacts of this situation.
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