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Visiting different places is a part of tourism which is growing significantly all over the world. Hence , it brings a lot of benefits not only for human beings but also for society. I will explain some profitable points in further paragraphs.
The addictive nature of smoking surges nowadays.Smoking is considered to be a vital cause of many fatal diseases.Undoubtedly,passive smokers are also badly affected by the side effects of this deadly headly habit.Considering this factor many people insist on the ban of cigarettes and other tobacco products whereas their counterparts disagree with the idea.Both sides of the argument are discussed in the forthcoming paragraphs.
It is acknowledged that businesses and their facilities should be relocated to the countryside so that traffic congestion and housing shortages are solved immediately. From my perspective, I agree with this notion, however I believe that there are other several effective measures to overcome this problem of traffic and house for residents.
In hospitals, moderate physical exercise is suggested to elderly people now, while most patients do not adopt the advice from doctors. In this essay, I will elaborate on the reasons behind such a phenomenon and suggest some possible solutions for the encouragement of regular exercise.
In our modern era,purchasing items online has increased and become a popular way of shopping.In my perspective of view,the benefit of shopping online outweighs the drawbacks.This essay will mention both the advantage and disadvantages of buying items on the internet.
Nowadays, there is competition between high laboratories of research to find more discoveries and devise new theories. Some educated people believe that important information should be not available for everyone, however, another group thinks that science is free for everybody. It seems to me that they both have a right in their opinion but with some conditions.
There is an immensely controversial perspective heating up a debate over environmental issues. This essay is devoted to analyzing the tactics that the environment quality is being jeopardized by people and effective solutions given by authorities and residents.
Technology plays a vital role in the modern world.Undoubtedly the time spent by juveniles watching television increases significantly over the years.Many people argue that the advantages of the watching stations are far superior and on the other hand the counterparts refuse to accept the idea.The pros and cons of watching TV sets in children's life are discussed in the forthcoming paragraphs.
It is true that early life education contributes greatly to a child personality, including the practices of making decisions on their own. While I believe being independent of making decisions may induce some traits of narcissism, I believe the benefits of early cognition of personal judgements outweigh the drawbacks.
In the concurrent world, air pollution is a really huge problem on our planet. Some people say that it can be attributed to the utilization of fossil fuels. When you burn it, it can create carbon dioxide, and this is the main reason that leads to global warming. While they also claim that as long as we have increased the price of conventional ones, we can obviously solve these issues. To me, I totally agree with this. This essay is going to discuss why it is and my own opinions.
Some people argue that unpaid community service should be made mandatory in high schools. I completely agree with this point of view because doing this service helps children become more confident and also creates opportunities for them to discover goals in life.
Some people believe that it is better to own a house rather than rent. I strongly agree with this idea. IN this essay, I will explain how homeownership gives you greater freedom, joy and security than rent.
In modern society, the environmental situation has been ruined by tourism becoming more considerable. Although this phenomenon did not get the top viral on social media as frequently as others did, the problem has become more serious. This essay will discuss the reason why does it happen, the consequences, and give the best solution for them.
concerning education, the opinion is divided on whether or not there should be single-sex or combined-gender learning institutions. While some people argue that having segregated male and female school aid faster learning, I believe that unisex university has greater benefits in a child's academics. This essay shall discuss both views in detail followed by a reasoned conclusion
People today tend to throw away/ dispose of/ discard/ dump items before they wear out// become unusable. This is mainly attributed to the fact that they do not treasure/ cherish/ value/ appreciate possessions and can inflict severe damage on the environment// wreak devastation on the environment and undermine people’s psychological wellbeing.
With the advancement of technology, the internet has converted the complex activities of life into easier ones.Although,along with its benefits internet has brought new dangers to our lives.But,as far as my opinion is concerned,I strongly believe its advantages are overlapping its demerits.However,I will shed light on its pros and cons in the upcoming paragraphs.
In modern society, there is a wide range of lifestyles. One of the trends is that people spend a huge amount of time celebrating special occasions. As far as I am concerned, this is a positive aspect in terms of building relationships and preserving their culture.
Global warming is affecting all of the humans on earth and we all are evidently responsible for this disaster. The leading party of the country is not the only entity responsible for this, and thus they are not the only ones who should be accountable to handle this crisis. The big companies should take part by making their company eco friendly, also on a personal level, we should recycle and reuse products we can.
Nowadays, there are two types of reactions when people face a bad situation such as having a bad job or storage of money. The first type is to accept them while the second type is to try and improve this situation. This essay discusses both sides and will give my own opinion.
As the convenience and being time-saving of typing, handwriting is becoming less popular nowadays. Schoolers aren’t required to be as professional in handwriting as they were in the past. This development allows children to have more moments to explore and learn other necessary skills for their life but has some drawbacks too. Considering both sides, the benefits are outweighed by disadvantages, which affect humans’ innate abilities and normal development.
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