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A university is a place where “pebbles are polished, diamonds are dimmed” itself signifies the importance of university education. Some segments of society reckon that there should not be any fees for students who want to study in colleges. Although there are arguments on both sides, I agree with this statement. Even these beliefs will be discussed in support of my personal stance in the following paragraphs.
It is undeniable that people accused of committing any crime went to prison; they engage themselves in the terrible deed again after being discharged from jail. There could be some reasons for this phenomenon, and I believe this problem could be solved by taking unprecedented steps by both the government and the individuals. This essay will draw the probable reasons and solutions to resolve this issue.
It is believed by some experts that people cannot do anything to protect nature and they consider just lawmakers and multinational corporations can support this issue. Therefore, I agree with this aforementioned notion because the government should organise campaigns. Although, individuals should take the responsibility to overcome environmental issues.
Free-lancing is a popular work pattern observed in the present era among many citizens. It is mainly because of inadequate job availability and stringent working hours. There are a few disadvantages of owning a business such as economic instabilities and huge financial burden. This essay will elaborate on the same in the upcoming paragraphs.
In this modern era,our dependence on technology has enhanced as a result it is restructuring our lifestyle.I completely believe that its advantages outweigh its demerits such as providing easy and quick work options.Also,transmitting a fast and clear message.However,I would like to explicate its drawbacks as well as its solutions in the upcoming paragraphs.
I am writing this missive to let you know that I have been facing some issues.However,I am not able to communicate with you in person due to the differences in our working hours.So,it is better for me to convey my message by writing a letter to you.
Scientists and artists are not two sides of the same coin. Rather they are on the same side. Science and technology are needed on daily basis for bodily survival. On the other hand, music and art are required for the soul. In the present day, I believe that these artists are being given the same importance in all walks of life.
There has always been the attraction to investigating other cultures through many people which is came up with the argument that if working in the multinational companies is the best way. Even though I partially agree with the statement, there are better ways to comprehend a different culture.
In some states, a small part of the population has enormous wages. Some people argue this is for the benefit of the country, whereas others disagree and think that policymakers should enforce strategies and restrict what citizens can earn. Although limiting the income may help prevent inequality and unjust in society, I think affluent people are valuable for the country in many ways, specifically because they often generate jobs for their compatriots.
Nowadays, there has been rising concern that staying at the house or leaving it may cause doubts about security. In this essay, I will explain the reasons for such an opinion and try to find solutions.
In this concurrent world, it is undoubtedly true that High School students should be required to study music and art which was debatable has now with many always became more controversial with many people claiming that is beneficial while others reject the notion. The substantial influence of this trend has Sparked a Potential impact in your recent years. However, I quibble from them recently and Pro Pound that there should be no Mandatory Subjects and this notion appear to be more rational. This essay will further elaborate my views on favouring the positive impact of this trend and this will lead to a logical conclusion.
As a result of rapid industrialisation and the advancement of technology over the centuries, activities that humanity undertakes every day has been detrimental to other inhabitants on the earth. The leading cause of this is overpopulation. This essay will discuss the reasons why overpopulation is harmful to endangered animals and suggest some possible solutions to alleviate the extinction of animals.
An increasing number of people are concerned about self-driving all vehicles can be a trend in the future, meaning that the drivers will not be seen inside. In my opinion, I do not observe the advantages of it as much as some communities. Meanwhile, plenty of people, who work in the field, will be redundant, and also the safety relating to passengers would be concerned.
Most of the pupils are unlike to choose science subject however, they are more agreed to learn computer courses. In my opinion, I strongly agree with computer-based subjects because we are living in a techno-savvy era, where we have to tackle technology at any place.
In a modern world, money is always a concern since it can provide a better life quality. However, sometimes a good salary comes together with an unhappy position. In this essay, I will explain why I believe job satisfaction is more important than a good salary.
All over the world, mobile phones become the biggest addiction in society. Voices are increasing against mobiles and they are pressing to ban dial in specific places like smoke-ban. I completely agree to prohibit mobiles in certain areas, such as in public transports and hospitals. We will discuss further on this topic and exhibit the reasons to support my opinion
My name is Zannatul Firdaus, I am a resident of khilgaon, Dhaka. I am a teacher in a kindergarten school. Today I am writing this letter to request you to provide some new sports facilities for the young people in our area.
Due to the high cost of living many appliers for occupations are looking for high income, though from their aspects the only reason to effort is to gain a lot of money. in this essay I will argue with this idea which I completely disagree with.
Job satisfaction is one of the prime factors that urges employees to stay in an organisation.Nowadays, some claim that workers are switching their occupations frequently.In this essay, I will examine the causes and provide a few solutions to this issue.
My name is Zannatul Firdaus, I am a resident of khilgaon, Dhaka. I am a teacher in a kindergarten school. Today I am writing this letter to request you to provide some new sports facilities for the young people in our area.
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