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Computerized information has been increasingly used in the last few years, affecting our daily routine and making it inevitable to live without it. The purpose of this essay is to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of information technology and then I will give my own perspective, which is that life is much better and easier with it.
Nowadays, it's become a trend to fly to an English-speaking sovereign to learn the English tongue. Some people think the best way to learn English is by residing in the native country, although there are some alternative ways for learning. I disagree with the statement because, to understand the core and to practice regularly. We will discuss further on this topic and exhibit the reasons to support my opinion.
The vast majority of the population deems that it is essential for toddlers to educate the difference between positive and negative actions. In addition, people contend that certain ways of discipline assist children to understand such a distinction. From my point of view, it cannot be denied that both positions are composed of a fraction of the truth. Therefore, I am going to reflect on this essay my own view of such an issue and discuss the listed above statements.
The progress of ecological corruption and the upcoming issues have become the main concern of several nations to find possible remedies. While in my opinion, the time for solving these and saving the planet is out, there are potential solutions for some of these problems.
These days, a staff prefers to spend their free time with colleagues from their workplaces whereas most representatives of contemporary society like to spend their leisure time with family members. In my opinion, it cannot be denied that both positions are composed of a fraction of the truth. Therefore, I am going to reflect on this essay my own view of such issue and to discuss the listed above statements.
Since the middle of the 20th century, beginning with the first human trip to the moon until the last robot sent to Mars, a lot of money was invested in space research. However, some people think that the fund could be applied to advance conditions here on Earth.
The vast representatives of state departments deem that the economic area is composed of the essential part of human lives whereas others contend that different political areas have a substantial impact on the community too. I advocate strongly with both statements and am going to reflect on this essay my own view of such issue.
Nowadays, the world is polluted with crimes. That being said, the world is no longer a peaceful place. Governments have been trying to decrease the number of bad deeds that have been happening. There are a lot of arguments that reside from this. Some communities think that reducing crime can be done by giving longer prison sentences. Other's thought that bad deeds can be decreased by other alternative ways.
Although living in a large city can be beneficial for some reasons, living in this kind of place have more problems to handle in their daily routine. For those matter, I strongly argue the argument to move the people to a different town.
Nowadays, due to stiff competition, companies push their employees to work harder than ever before. Earlier, when the pace was not so hectic, there was a good work-life balance and ample time to exercise and spend time with the family. Not so anymore! Now, every person is immersed in his or her laptop, churning reports and figures to meet the company deadline. In the following paragraphs, the ideas presented here will be elaborated upon.
Some people believe that building a good accord with co-workers in business is very important to make a company effort. Therefore, there is a lot of books, which emphasize making a sense of belonging for teamwork effort. However, I think keeping a good affair is less important than a person who is focused on personal affairs. If you too focus on making a better connection to coworkers than personal works, It affects negatively the club.
Lack of sleep is a well-known and a controversial topic in this era. It is a known fact that there are many reasons behind this issue and there are remedies claimed by many researchers to resolve this.
Nowadays, the majority of the masses are transforming their post, there are several factors for moving to other companies. This essay describes why people are changing positions, and how certain negative impacts we see in this case.
Many people believe that children should enroll in schools at a young age while others believe that they had better start their academic journey when they get older. This essay discusses both views and states my opinion that students should start academic schooling at an old age.
The new scientific developments data is always a piece of important news to share. Many people think it is better to share information related to the scientific, business, and educational world while others think quite opposite and against revealing all such necessary things. In my opinion, there should be a line drawn that what should be shared and several stuff are not to be disclosed.
In today's world, it is possible for students to acquire knowledge from a variety of sources. However, it is argued by many that teaching in school or university is more effective than learning through other ways including, online platforms, books and television. I agree that faculty in schools and universities teach more effectively, but I do believe that other sources can play a role in building the overall knowledge.
It is true that road congestion and the smoke in the air are major issues of the modern world. I completely agree with the view that high petroleum fees can resolve this issue. This essay shall also discuss two solutions including a mass transport system and heavy taxation to reduce the number of vehicles and carbon emissions.
Who reigns supreme in nature versus nurture? We may never know. However, we do know that close cooperation is needed between the two for the development of an individual. I fully agree with the statement that we cannot separate these two players into water-tight compartments. In the following paragraphs, I will examine this issue in-depth and state my findings.
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