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Education is the foundation of each step which anyone can take lead to further success. Some people opine that the authority should make universities free of charge for everyone. In this write-up, I will present to what extent, I concur with the aforementioned thought, certainly, I believe that training should be free in the universities.
Currently, there is a controversial notion heating a debate over the fact that whether to be home and dry when running a business, people are required to competent at numbers. While this statement is valid to a number of extent, I would contend that this is not the only vital factor that helps entrepreneurs attain fruits.
International sporting events have been traditionally deemed beneficial to the host country. However, some others are opposed to the idea, claiming that it does more harm than good. Whilst the former view can be justified for some reasons, I am more inclined towards the latter.
It is true that technological changes are recent developments in career placement and earning profits.Moreover,this can result in negative consequences for the jobless and higher authorities need to take care of this situation and adopt some changes.In this essay,I will discuss both sides and give the necessary opinion.
There is a society that thinks that with advancement in technology the essential need of handwriting is no longer mandatory while others believe that is an essential accomplishment that must be able to do everyone. In this essay I will discuss why handwriting is considered not important, and why it is mandatory for everyone t have a stronghold on the same lead for a better future.
Medical surgeries and treatments for diseases would be highly costly. But then trying to prevent the disease from the start is not. In my opinion, folks should take care of their health and try to prevent illness before starting the stage.
In recent times, a lot of domestic waste is causing a problem The amount of rubbish is increasing because of several reasons. This essay will deal with the causes of the increasing amount of waste and how it affects the environment and suggests some ways to overcome it.
In today's world, the tendency of the violation is more and more noticeable in many countries. Adolescents are more involved in kind of various criminal activities than older people. Personally, I strongly believe that this situation is manageable and there will be some particular solutions in order to solve the problem.
There is no doubt that these days learning from mistakes of the past is important to avoid repeating previous mistakes during take decisions about our life today. The question is, is history the main source of information to understand human's life or we can not learning from previous mistakes in the history to take better decisions today? In this essay, I am going to discuss both views and draw my own conclusion.
There is a group of people think that losing specific species of trees and animals is the main environmental issue, whereas others believe that there are more urgent environmental problems which should be solved. Personally, I'm more concerned about other problems because losing living organism is a result from those problems. However, this essay will discuss both of beliefs.
Many countries motivate juveniles to explore real-time experiences.For this ,reason young folk are advised to do some work or sometimes to travel before starting their university life.A major portion of the population considers this activity in a positive manner on the other hand some crowds treat this as a negative thought.In this essay, I would like to discuss both the merits and demerits of the phenomenon.
Technology always plays an important role in the day to day life.Nowadays kids invest more time on television compared with the previous years.The majority of people consider this habitual behaviour in a positive manner meanwhile others disagree with this statement .This essay focuses on both the benefits and drawbacks of TV sets in heir.
In current times, most corporations tend to use communicative online platforms rather than using traditional ways of communication like face-to-face appointments. While there are some drawbacks associated with online communication, I strongly believe the main benefits are more substantial. In this essay I intend to express my justifications.
Part of the community thinks to extend the age of retirement since many people are living longer than previously. As people need money to live and there are more job opportunities around the world , I strongly agree with that statement.
It is true that these days it is becoming increasingly common for parents to spend their time with their offspring.I highly believe that the causes of why parents have spare time to utilize it for their children,is because of restrictions due to Covid-19 infection as well as for social conventions and economic progress of countries,especially declining working hours. This essay will illustrate the cause of that in detail and explain why it influence children positively.
Nowadays,our world faces decreasing corp lands.some people believe that reducing grass is related to increasing meat consumption and people should diminish eating meats.I think citizens can down their meat-eating by taking more vegetables and chemical sources of protein.It is obvious after that our community will get some drawbacks.
There is no doubt that these days many dangerous environmental issues took place, where the individuals or countries can not dominate on it. so there is no doubt that these problems are considered international or global problems. In this essay, I am going to discuss this statement and draw my own conclusion.
Although freedom of speech is one of the human basic rights, in some cases, an individual voice may harm society, leading the rulers to regulate the argument. In my idea, freedom of speech should be prioritized to the right of the government which try to maintain its society.
It is often said that art was an indispensable section of all cultures for a long time on Earth. However ,these days human's values have transformed. Additionally ,we all tend to consider science ,technology besides business. They seem to be more significant than art. This could have several reasons. There are much that can be done to attract people's attention to art.
In the concurrent world, air pollution is a really huge problem on our planet. Some people say that it can be attributed to the utilization of fossil fuels. When you burn it, it can create carbon dioxide, and this is the main reason that may lead to global warming. While they also claim that as long as we have increased the price of conventional one, we can obviously solve these issues. To me, I totally agree with this. This essay is going to discuss why it is and my own opinions.
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