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The tourism industry is one of the reasons why English has become the most famous language worldwide. Some people believe that because of this cause English will turn out to be the international language. This essay will discuss both the positive and negative aspects of having one language in the world.
It is true that more and more young people decide to leave their hometown to get on their own after graduate school in many countries. In my opinion, I strongly agree with this statement, and the following examples will be provided to support my point of view.
Nowadays, advertisers are targeting toddlers and children by enticing them with advertisements. This is an abhorrent practice and I am firmly opposed to targeting immature minds for selling products. In the following paragraphs, I will provide reasons and examples to support my viewpoint.
Many countries around the world face the congestion problem, especially in big cities at present. In this essay, I will examine the cause of this issue and the solution which should be done, including the following ,examples will be provided to support my point of view.
The internet undoubtedly has facilitated all space of life, but some group of people is not convinced that. I completely disagree that, because the Internet is not only helping society deal with problems but also it makes the opportunity to innovate the new solutions so, mobile apps for delivering and communication for social media and purchase for shopping sites are one of the main examples of the benefit of the internet.
In this modern world, moving abroad is not a new habit anymore. Surely, people with the privilege of good education and experience wanted to pursue their career in another part of the globe, since it has a probability of having better salaries. It may also be because people are more fond of other country's way of life. But, the problem is it can actually make their country gets left behind from others because there are no workers that are as good.
People tend to view that only academic subjects are a key factor in a future career.However, others believe that students also should be provided with both art and sports in order to have greater physical and mental health.In this essay,I will discuss both views of this trend.
While the majority of students tend to enrol in undergraduate programs as soon as they graduate from high school finals,there are also those who would make a contrasting decision and spend time getting into another project.However,I believe that the positive influences of this development are more significant.
The number of people who believe that accepted terrible carrier conditions are the better such as an unsatisfied job with a low paid. Others believe that people should improve to have pleasant circumstances. I firmly believe that situation is a crucial factor we should consider that. This essay will explain in detail both attitudes with my opinion in the following paragraphs.
agriculture is the backbone of the world population. this sector has a vital role in order to fulfil food necessity. in this era, ,however the farm industry is so much better than before, there are many people around the planet who still have the struggle to afford these basic needs. in this essay, I will elaborate on what is behind this phenomenon and give some recommendations to overcome this problem.
Undoubtedly, schools play a significant role in an individual's life. In this regard, some people reckon that school's curriculum should cover food science in order to prepare students for the future. However, others believe that courses related to science are much more beneficial for children. As far as I am concerned, food science should be mandatory in institutions so as to encourage youngsters to have a healthy lifestyle.
Car-buying rates in developing countries are in continuous increase lately.what are the consequences,and what measures can be taken to eliminate the effect?
These days, more and more employees are devoting more time to their work than their family. This trend has some benefits; however, it has a lot of demerits as well. In this essay, I shall explore the pros and cons of working overtime.
Hesitating about utilizing traditional attires is considered as a witness of the cultures that are vanishing in the majority parts of the globe.Some individuals believe that individuals should be absorbed by some tricks toward cultural garb for their daily activities.Although to me,both cultures and wearings have been abolished due to being unuseful in the contemporary era.
Some people have fear before they leave their houses because of the increased criminal activity.While others say that government has to take any action in order to avoid evil scenes. However,others say small things can be done with significant change. In this essay,I will discuss both sides and give the necessary opinion.
In the past decade, the marketing as a profession saw drastic growth. Although many people believe that they have complete control over their brain when purchasing a product, others are of the opinion that the advertisement has the significant imapct on our decision making. In this essay, I will elaborate on why I think that marketing, nevertheless, plays an important role.
In many countries, there is a communication rift between the older and younger generations. This is a natural phenomenon and the solution is for both sides to compromise.
It is often argued that many people nowadays using devices to read books than hard materials. It is my view, the advantages of reading electronic books do outweigh the disadvantages, particularly in the areas of convenience of the reader and less cost of e-books.
I have the pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Novita Sari to you. She was a student at the Departement of Accounting, Kwik Kian Gie School of Business (previously known as Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Indonesia).
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