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Deforestation is considered an environmental issue that is occurring worldwide because of the demand for expanding the city area. There have just a few advantages of this action but it gives so many disadvantages over the advantages to nature and to the Earth.
Visiting different places is a part of tourism which is growing significantly all over the world. Hence , it brings a lot of benefits not only for human beings but also for society. I will explain some profitable points in further paragraphs.
It is observed that these days, a number of people are suffering from sleep deprivation. Several problems can be caused by this phenomenon, but there are some ways to alleviate the issue.
Technology has an impact on the interactions people have with each other. It has made people become closer to each other than before and students can learn from international teachers. This is a positive development because people’s relationships have improved.
The addictive nature of smoking surges nowadays.Smoking is considered to be a vital cause of many fatal diseases.Undoubtedly,passive smokers are also badly affected by the side effects of this deadly headly habit.Considering this factor many people insist on the ban of cigarettes and other tobacco products whereas their counterparts disagree with the idea.Both sides of the argument are discussed in the forthcoming paragraphs.
Some argue that by adding more areas to play sports, people’s health can be improved, while others argue that other actions are needed. People think that when people have easy access to sports facilities, they tend to exercise frequently and that their health will improve. I believe that educating public about healthy eating will yield the expected improvement in the health of public.
It is acknowledged that businesses and their facilities should be relocated to the countryside so that traffic congestion and housing shortages are solved immediately. From my perspective, I agree with this notion, however I believe that there are other several effective measures to overcome this problem of traffic and house for residents.
the picture illustrate how an airport site is planned to redevelopment a year in the future. overall, there will be extensive with regards to gates in the north area, and the airport facilities also increase significantly.
A section of the society thinks that sharing all the information as much as possible then others think that if you have good and helpful, valuable data. you should share with the public freely personally think that you have useful and powerful information which help public you should share that reported with the world.
In today's modernisation era, wearing uniform is always in debate.Some individuals opine that pupils should focus on studying in the classroom rather than showing their repute by wearing stylish clothes.Consequently, all students should wear uniform and I agree with this notion and the following paragraph will discuss my viewpoint.
Education is the foundation of each step which anyone can take lead to further success. Some people opine that the authority should make universities free of charge for everyone. In this write-up, I will present to what extent, I concur with the aforementioned thought, certainly, I believe that training should be free in the universities.
Currently, the responsibility for investing money in researching medicare has never failed to provoke debates. While some people claim that this crucial issue belongs to the authorities. The others make a statement that private companies and individuals should participate to tackle this problem. I contend that both sides should cooperate in medical research.
Currently, there is a controversial notion heating a debate over the fact that whether to be home and dry when running a business, people are required to competent at numbers. While this statement is valid to a number of extent, I would contend that this is not the only vital factor that helps entrepreneurs attain fruits.
Television is always been a good source of entertainment for almost every age group of people. But watching television for juveniles is a debatable issue for most of us. Some demographics of society deem that children nowadays are spending more time on watching television as they were doing in the past. This essay will discuss the various pros and cons of watching television in the upcoming paragraphs.
In hospitals, moderate physical exercise is suggested to elderly people now, while most patients do not adopt the advice from doctors. In this essay, I will elaborate on the reasons behind such a phenomenon and suggest some possible solutions for encouragement of regular exercise.
International sporting events have been traditionally deemed beneficial to the host country. However, some others are opposed to the idea, claiming that it does more harm than good. Whilst the former view can be justified for some reasons, I am more inclined towards the latter.
Some people are of the opinion that the countries gain a lot of benefits from hosting international sports. However, some others are opposed to this idea, saying that these events are not good for host countries. While the latter view can be justified for some reason, I am more inclined towards the former.
Some people are of the opinion that the countries gain a lot of benefits from hosting an international sports. However, some others are opposed to this idea, saying that these events are not good for host countries. While the latter view can be justified for some reason, but I am more inclined towards the former.
My opinion is that many people prefer watching films in their house at this time. Nowadays it's much easier to buy movies online, or even watching them for free. Moveover, it is much more comfortable to watch a movie at home, on the sofa with your favourite drink and snack, instead of traveling a few kilometers, wasting money on expensive food. PLus TV's now are getting bigger and the difference in screen size in not so noticable, considering you are sitting closer to the screen. Overall it is very logical that with time, cinemas will become obsolete because of the high prices, disadvantages of traveling and loss of comfort.Now I remembered that I would like to see more movies in the industry that don't play a lot of movies in China, but I prefer to play them digitally for online viewing, namely because of the reduced interest
It is true that technological changes are recent developments in career placement and earning profits.Moreover,this can result in negative consequences for the jobless and higher authorities need to take care of this situation and adopt some changes.In this essay,I will discuss both sides and give the necessary opinion.
These days schools are trying to teach students various courses or studies along with conventional education. Criticism rise against schools, that they are compelling children to learn foreign languages because many children are unable to learn this skill. I agree with this notion and will discuss it further in this essay.
In hospitals, moderate physical exercise is suggested to elderly people now, while most patients do not adopt the advice from doctors. In this essay, I will elaborate on the reasons behind such a phenomenon and suggest some possible solutions for the encouragement of regular exercise.
In our modern era,purchasing items online has increased and become a popular way of shopping.In my perspective of view,the benefit of shopping online outweighs the drawbacks.This essay will mention both the advantage and disadvantages of buying items on the internet.
Marriage at a relatively young age is actually encouraged within several cultures and religions. Personally, I got married at the age of 24, and as I am writing this essay after spending 16 happy years with my lovely wife, and being blessed with three children along the way, I strongly propose that getting married before the age of 30 is best from both individual and societal perspectives.
Nowadays there is a growing concern over the environmental predicaments around the world. Governments are being accused of these phenomenons by not imposing sufficient charges which are reasonable. Although I agree with this concept, it is noteworthy to consider the actual reasons behind the environmental damages and try to provide feasible suggestions for authorities to solve them. I will discuss some of these reasons and the extension of countries administrations roles in the Eart extinction in this essay.
In this era, computers are becoming an integral part of our children’s lives, at entertainment, academic, and social levels. Many believe that the daily usage of computers has more advantages than drawbacks, while others argue that it holds drastic effects on their kids’ mental and physical health. This essay disagrees with the latter and emphasizes the importance of computers for Research and communication.
The controversial topic concerning medicine research projects never fails to attract public attention. Even private corporations fund many medicine research projects nowadays. In my opinion, I think that research should be carried out by corporations because they are professional in conducting research. This essay will give a logical conclusion.
There is a society that thinks that with advancement in technology the essential need of handwriting is no longer mandatory while others believe that is an essential accomplishment that must be able to do everyone. In this essay I will discuss why handwriting is considered not important, and why it is mandatory for everyone t have a stronghold on the same lead for a better future.
Medical surgeries and treatments for diseases would be highly costly. But then trying to prevent the disease from the start is not. In my opinion, folks should take care of their health and try to prevent illness before starting the stage.
Medical surgeries and treatments for diseases would be highly costly. But trying to prevent the disease from the start is not costly. In my ,opinion folk should take care of their health and try to prevent illness.
Medical surgeries and treatments for diseases would be highly costly. But trying to prevent the disease from the start is not costly. In my ,opinion people should take care of their health and try to prevent sicknesses.
Digital payments are becoming increasingly popular in our society. In several parts of the world, there is a lot of encouragement to the applications which helps to pay the bills. I believe there are both pros and cons to this situation and will share that with examples.
In recent times, a lot of domestic waste is causing a problem The amount of rubbish is increasing because of several reasons. This essay will deal with the causes of the increasing amount of waste and how it affects the environment and suggests some ways to overcome it.
Undoubtedly, along with the development of travelling methods, a significant number of students travel abroad for continuing their education. In this regard, there has been a highly controversial debate among people about whether immigration could be beneficial for students or not. Here, the pros and cons of this idea will be discussed.
Cooking skills and knowledge about the products you are eating considering important for starting adult life. Even so, should school teach cooking, healthy eating habits or it will just steal time from main academic subjects? This essay looks in to both points of veiw before I provide my personal opinion.
In today's world, the tendency of the violation is more and more noticeable in many countries. Adolescents are more involved in kind of various criminal activities than older people. Personally, I strongly believe that this situation is manageable and there will be some particular solutions in order to solve the problem.
The popularity of the PC is increasing every day. Currently, computers are used almost by every family. In my perspective, this tendency has a positive impact on the development of humans and children.
Nowadays when the advancement of technology is at its peak, various nations around the world have developed bullet train networks and it has been a hot topic for debates for the last few years. While some people advocate the expenditure on constructing these superior rail links, others suggest improving the current public transportation.
A small group of people are earned extremely high salaries in many countries. Some people consider that it is beneficial for the country, but others support the reverse of the idea. In my opinion, the second idea is the most pertinent for each society because people feel happier the same economic condition, and also hierarchal differentiation can lead to many problems for countries.
In this present-day world, it is commonly stated that affluent countries ought to give a helping hand to asylum seekers who faced a serious war or persecution from their home country,however, it is a difficult action for each country. Some people believe that wealthy countries have to fulfil the primary needs of refugees and others oppose, I agree with this statement because it is fundamental for a human being to start a new life.This essay will enunciate the positive and negative impacts of this responsibility with appropriate examples.
Few believe education in University or college leads to a successful career, apart from them some students quit their studies soon after completing the schooling to get a job. In my point of view, i believe that graduation is necessary for a successful career and to stand independently.
Nowadays, there is competition between high laboratories of research to find more discoveries and devise new theories. Some educated people believe that important information should be not available for everyone, however, another group thinks that science is free for everybody. It seems to me that they both have a right in their opinion but with some conditions.
It is more and more common to take a sabbatical year before going to university. It can be very positive but it depends on how this year is used. In the present essay, I will explain the possible disadvantages and advantages of it.
There is a tremendously controversial perspective heating up a debate over how to deal with perpetrators. Some people claim that imprisoning law-breakers is not an efficient way to put control over them and providing schooling and training is the optimal method. While this statement is valid to some extent, I would contend that it is optimal to combine both mentioned solutions.
There is an immensely controversial perspective heating up a debate over environmental issues. This essay is devoted to analyzing the tactics that the environment quality is being jeopardized by people and effective solutions given by authorities and residents.
Communities have needed leaders for centuries. Many people think that the leadership features cannot earn later. However, many people argue that a person who wants to be a leader to society, she or he may be a successful head.
Nowadays, cinema is one of the most modern things in our life. It's very popular and it's a way to have fun. In my opinion, people break away for a while from the real world and rest.
Even though the accessibility to education has been improved over the past years, there are still many people who are unable to read or write throughout the world. People lacking the ability to read or write can have some disadvantages, but governments can alleviate the problem by making efforts to help those illiteracies.
There are tremendously controversial perspectives heating a debate over ideal jobs. While some hold a strong view that content with a career is more vital than a stable job, others make the opposite statement. While vocation gratification is valid to some extent, I consider myself an advocate of long-term occupation.
According to some individuals, there is too much focus and resources are given to the safety of wild animals and birds . In my opinion,these such animals and birds are important for our ecosystem and they are on verge of extinction. So ,that is why my views are at same wavelength with this ideology.
There is no doubt that these days learning from mistakes of the past is important to avoid repeating previous mistakes during take decisions about our life today. The question is, is history the main source of information to understand human's life or we can not learning from previous mistakes in the history to take better decisions today? In this essay, I am going to discuss both views and draw my own conclusion.
There is a group of people think that losing specific species of trees and animals is the main environmental issue, whereas others believe that there are more urgent environmental problems which should be solved. Personally, I'm more concerned about other problems because losing living organism is a result from those problems. However, this essay will discuss both of beliefs.
Many countries motivate juveniles to explore real-time experiences.For this ,reason young folk are advised to do some work or sometimes to travel before starting their university life.A major portion of the population considers this activity in a positive manner on the other hand some crowds treat this as a negative thought.In this essay, I would like to discuss both the merits and demerits of the phenomenon.
Learning a foreign language has always been profitable as even has been taught at schools. Although, there are people who believe that it only matters through travelling to or working in another nation, in contrast to those who think it is far more beneficial, including me.
It is questioned if having only one product is the way to achieve the success of a company. Some think that is the solution. In my opinion, the validation from the client is the highest influence in business. In every startup, the results depend on how people respond to it and who the target is.
Start work and retire from the same institute or keep changing working companies for one or another reason is persons own decision and depending on their mindset ,they can vary from individual to individual depending on circumstances of sticking to a single organisation or keep rotating ,is a non-ending debate but in my ,opinion if the person can find one organisation where one's efforts are valued and appreciated in a timely manner that would be the best.
In the era of industrialization, the demand for using gas and oil is an indispensable thing in today's life. Although the cost of living is better, we can use electric cars that do not need gas and oil to active, but the demand for gas and oil is rising and looking up new sources in remote and unspoiled areas is an important issue. I strongly agree that demand for gas and oil is increasing and so finding new sources in remote and untouched areas is a necessity.
Technology always plays an important role in the day to day life.Nowadays kids invest more time on television compared with the previous years.The majority of people consider this habitual behaviour in a positive manner meanwhile others disagree with this statement .This essay focuses on both the benefits and drawbacks of TV sets in heir.
According to some individuals, wealth of as person plays an indispensable role in their life and how to spend money according to their needs .therfore,it have to be taught in children's academic life.According to my perception, Iam in the favour of this phenomenon.
The debate around whether losing some species of flora and fauna could be the worst environmental problem in our generation of there are other important issues has raged on recently. I, for one, believe that the foregoing idea is not the main environmental problem. This essay delves into both sides of the issue and provides some logical reasons before drawing a conclusion.
The debate around whether it is beneficial to prevent teenagers from going out of home at night without an accompanying person has raged on recently. I, for one, approve of this idea for numerous reasons. This essay delves into the issue and provides logical reasons before drawing a conclusion.
In this globalized world, internationally recognized organizations reinforce the nations in many ways, advantageous for underdeveloped countries. Nowadays, some people argue that monetary help is essential for the development of nations. While others counterclaim that practical assistance and expert advice are indeed necessary for the same. I firmly believe that both views are equally important. Strong evidence to support my perspective is elaborated in the ensuing paragraphs.
In actuality, the argument regarding the impact of high fuel prices on growing traffic and pollution problems drags our immediate attention because of its universality. Some of us assert that the approach of escalating the prices could be harmful to people and society in many ways. I strongly reject the idea of an increase in the fuel prices.
In actuality, the argument regarding the impact of high fuel prices on growing traffic and pollution problems drags our immediate attention because of its universality. Some of us assert that the approach of escalating the prices could be harmful to people and society in many ways. I strongly reject the idea of an increase in the fuel prices.
In current times, most corporations tend to use communicative online platforms rather than using traditional ways of communication like face-to-face appointments. While there are some drawbacks associated with online communication, I strongly believe the main benefits are more substantial. In this essay I intend to express my justifications.
There is a big financial gap between developed nations and countries of the third world,so advocates of humanity are coming up with favouring for monetary help on humanitarian bases but in some cases those aid ,do not help the real needy people.Instead used up in other non-urgent issues by local governments.The next paragraphs will elaborate on the issue in detail. In the final,I believe if the monetary assistance goes from hand to hand then it is okay otherwise will be wasted in the name of humanity.
With the growth of social media in recent times, we have completely changed the way we interact with people in our daily lives. While some people believe that this made us socially awkward others opine this helped many to overcome their social anxiety. It has helped people overcome their worst fears in interacting with people. Therefore, I don't agree that it makes our physical interactions uncomfortable.
The bar chart below illustrates export earnings in five different groups (petroleum products, engineered goods, gems and jewellery, agriculture products and textiles) from 2015 to 2016. The table displays a change in values of exports, in percentage, in each product categories in 2016 compared with 2015.
Modern technology has changed the way of living, Entertainment, education, news everything is available in online. Nowadays, all latest music albums and movies easily accessible for all and Sunday, And this thing have plethora of pros. But it also have some cons to the society. As far as my views are concerned, I think free of cost songs and movies are more benefits as compared to its drawbacks.
Technology plays a vital role in the modern world.Undoubtedly the time spent by juveniles watching television increases significantly over the years.Many people argue that the advantages of the watching stations are far superior and on the other hand the counterparts refuse to accept the idea.The pros and cons of watching TV sets in children's life are discussed in the forthcoming paragraphs.
Part of the community thinks to extend the age of retirement since many people are living longer than previously. As people need money to live and there are more job opportunities around the world , I strongly agree with that statement.
In many countries, paying for things using mobile apps is becoming increasingly common. Does this development have more advantages or more disadvantages?
It is true that these days it is becoming increasingly common for parents to spend their time with their offspring.I highly believe that the causes of why parents have spare time to utilize it for their children,is because of restrictions due to Covid-19 infection as well as for social conventions and economic progress of countries,especially declining working hours. This essay will illustrate the cause of that in detail and explain why it influence children positively.
The given maps illustrate the detail of Southwest Airport at present and its development next year. Overall, it can be seen that there are a lot of amenities and structures appearing after redevelopment.
There are a lot of developed technology taking place in the agricultural domain. However, food is still not sufficient for all populations around the world. In the following paragraphs, the causes and solutions of this statement will be outlined.
Many companies increasingly promote their products by advertising their new aspects today because most companies favourite generally the promoting advertisements for increasing the number of their sales through such advertisings in which can help people interest.
In the techno-savvy era, phones and web access have changed the method of conveying. It is seen that there has been a paradigm shift from face-to-face association to web systems connections and text messaging. However, face-to-face contact would never fade and eliminate in human society even the technology makes connections more convenient and faster by applying different apparatus and new approaches.
The increasing weight, as well as decreasing health and fitness of the general people,health and fitness of the general people are the problem concerned. In the following paragraphs, the causes and solutions of this statement will be outlined.
There are tremendous argumentative notions heating a debate over whether private corporations, individuals or the governors should be responsible for the allocation of medical research.Personally I strongly believe that all of them should involve in this imperative faculty.
The planet earth is rich in different kinds of living species, sheltered in the biosphere of the world, including humankind itself. And there is a certain problem that the entire human race is facing right now. Global warming is the result of the catastrophic behaviour that we humans possessed. How do we stop this hapless situation that our world is experiencing at this moment?
Year by year crime cases are increaseing in the world, which is big problem for all cuntries . There are many reasons behind raising noumber of crimes . We should find out the solution for stop crime .
People argue that, to gain a successful career, learning at university or college is inevitable. In contrast, other people believe that receiving a job after finishing study at school might be more approachable. From my perspective, I believe both higher education and employment after school can lead to different career paths to achieve success. I will discuss the higher education and job prospects below to support my point of view.
Recently, children often follow the behavior of parents, therefore all staff of Vingroup is encouraged to be role model of their children and I agree with this opinion.
In some Vinhomes quarters, fast food and sugary drinks are now much easier to buy with lower prices than that few years ago. This brings about many advantages to Vinhomes population. However, disadvantages are also existed.
Technology nowadays has brought a free online reading platform in which it could evoke a possibility that nobody will no longer buy physical books or newspapers. I disagree with that statement because some people are more comfortable with printed paper and entry to getting that platform might be expensive for some groups. Thus, real books might still be popular among the community.
Nowadays,our world faces decreasing corp lands.some people believe that reducing grass is related to increasing meat consumption and people should diminish eating meats.I think citizens can down their meat-eating by taking more vegetables and chemical sources of protein.It is obvious after that our community will get some drawbacks.
Money plays a crucial aspect for human lives due to the satisfying needs and wants by use this, similarly relaxation is also the essential. Some think that having numerous capital and taking a minimum amount of leisure time is better than earning less cash and having innumerable free time. This essay discusses both viewpoints, I strongly agree with the former opinion for the following reasons.
Technology plays a vital role in the modern world.Undoubtedly the time spent by juveniles watching television increases drastically over the years.Many people argue that the advantages of watching station are far better and on the other hand the counterparts refuse to accept the idea.The pros and cons of watching TV set in children's life are discussed in the forthcoming paragraphs.
School is the place where we gave knowledge to children a long time ago. However, more and more schools in many countries are facing student behaviour change. In this essay, I will examine the reason for this issue and the following examples will be provided in order to support my point of view.
In recent years, extreme sports have become increasingly popular, and some people argue that governments should prohibit them. I completely disagree with the idea that these sports are too dangerous, and I therefore believe that they should not be banned.
People have different views about whether governments should introduce a maximum wage. While in some ways it may seem reasonable to allow people to earn as much as companies are willing to pay, I personally believe that employee remuneration should be capped at a certain level.
It is true that early life education contributes greatly to a child personality, including the practices of making decisions on their own. While I believe being independent of making decisions may induce some traits of narcissism, I believe the benefits of early cognition of personal judgements outweigh the drawbacks.
In several nations, an increasing number of people are concerned about the origin of their places of residence. In this essay, I am going to discuss some relevant reasons for this phenomenon, along with how people could actually research the history of their houses.
For years, in some countries, adults usually lectured that children can attain anything if they work at their utmost. Such a lesson is beautiful and sound. Yet I am going to discuss a bigger 'picture' of this message with its pros and cons in this essay.
In this day and age, with the advent of modern society, there has been increasingly contaminated all over the world. A recent survey, pointed out that the root cause of pollution is the transporting of products and citizens. Therefore, it has been debatable while some people think that the authorities should shoulder this responsibility , others opine that the main reason for this phenomenon is every single person. According to my knowledge, i firmly believe that individuals should assume this accountability.
The rise in e-commerce or virtual shopping may lead to shut down of the open market. Therefore, I personally agree with this statement. It is being observed that the revolution of online buying has started to increase since the 21st century. Firstly the reason is that it saves time, sitting in the comfort of one place, they can order the thing they like and the other reason would-be shoppers can have more options.
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