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Children tutors have already become popular nowadays, many parents decide to reach children tutors when they are were the first time as parents. They want to learn how to take care of their children from the children's tutors. I will argue this topic in this passage.
In this day and age, more and more people are spending a large amount of money on high price clothes.
Many people believe that it's an advantage to have like-minded friends whereas some argue that a having people with a different opinion adds more benefit to life. Whereas minds which think alike can come to a conclusion in a discussion swiftly, different point of view on a topic broadens one's horizon of the intellectual realm. This essay supports the argument of having friends with persons who are not easily convinced by a person's own thoughts.
These days, a majority of children spend their leisure hours in front of a screen, such as a mobile phone, computer, and TV. Nevertheless, people have different perspectives on whether limiting screen time for children is the perfect option. In my opinion, I believe that when children reduce their time on screens, it will greatly benefit them in a number of ways.
There are numerous priorities in society that the government needs to balance. However, spending a lot of resources to solve all problems does not always result in high-quality public services in some countries. In my view, most people believe that the government may provide everything, but this is not entirely true. Considering that the government's revenue comes from taxes paid by the population, both the advantages and disadvantages of providing services need to be taken into account.
Traveling to different places can be an amazing experience for life, globalization permits people to have access to many countries and singular places, being a possibility to learn a new culture or language, as well as make people more tolerant. Finally, it can be considered a development to people and famous places.
With regard to the development of technology in today’s life, smartphones are really popular and convenient. Therefore, many children spend a lot of time a day using their phone. This paragraph will discuss this statement with relevant reasons.
An increasing number of people claim that sports activities are a crucial point in developing public health, whereas others suggest that it is not enough, and they suggests that there should be done other measures too. This essay will discuss both sides of each of these statements to provide them with reasons.
Currently, living in a large city has a significant impact on the lifestyle of people, including children. In this essay, I will present two reasons, children should grow up in the countryside than in a large city.
To start with, over the past few years the advent of solar power became widely popular across the globe and many newly constructed houses are tending to have this in their plan. It is a great source of convertible power which can be produced even from waste by humans and animals and helps to overcome many hurdles. Yet there are many advantages and equally disadvantages in initiating this plan and I will try to cover a few of those.
Urban life has attracted many young people from rural areas over recent years . Today , a number of young individuals are moving from rural to urban in order to live . As a result of this , elderly people are continuing to live rural places . This trend causes some problems , such as increasing overpopulation only centre of town and decrease in the productivity of agriculture . However , the authority can solve these problems by investing in the countryside .
Some young people are leaving the country side to live in cities and towns leaving only young people in the countryside’s. What problems are caused by this issue ? what can be done to solve this situation
People can purchase the same products anywhere in the world they want, and that is the reason why countries are becoming more and more similar. I strongly agree with this statement, and I will explain my reasons in the following paragraphs.
People hold the opinion that if you would like to become wealthy and successful, you have to be generous to others. In most cases, those types of individuals are tended to achieve fast results, because of their personality traits. In this essay, I will give my personal view on it in the following.
Nowadays it could be seen how the total amount of people eating fast food and avoiding a fresher option is increasing. In this essay, we will discuss the pros and cons of this day-on-day common situation.
A real problem in society now a days is that everyone has the obligation to decide what to do for a living when they are very young, at around 18-20 years of age. This leads to a real dilema that it is exactly what we need to discuss. The dilema is whether to choose a career based on you´re passion of based on a way to make money and earn a liveleyhood.
When a person is going to choose his carser, is are of the most important desitions in his life, so it should be well thinked. This desition is also important because it will define the rest of your liffe. Taking into consideration that the person thought the desition in a good way,
Nowadays the majority of people are staying away from their beloved ones, there are many reasons that accompany this situation like career growth and so on. Although there are positive signs for this, yet there are a few drawbacks that need to be considered.
There is a notable interest in familiarity with origin of houses where people live in. From my perspective, people want to be aware of previous tenants in order to understand the ambiance of the walls.
I am so glad to after hearing the great news that you have been selected for the same prestigious universities where I completed my studies. I know, how hard you have to work on your studies to clear the entrance exam. Therefore, you get cleared and get an offer letter. Nevertheless, I will help you at every step to get settled there.
Nowadays, clutter food became an integral part of our modern society, however, another part of the community would like to force the government to raise the tax on them. However, I believe that every individual has an opportunity of consuming whatever he or she wants. In this , essay I am going to tell you why the government should or should not surge the prices of fast food and what will happen if they will increase it.
excessive time spent at work can ultimately take a serious toll on workers and their families in various ways.We will discuss the most problem arising,and also two ways in which the situation can be improved.
There are several reasons why some people in the USA become homeless. No matter what ethnicity, age, race or gender, people can still live outside without having a shelter to live in. Some may become homeless due to experiencing a layoff, a house catching fire, bankruptcy and so on. Needless to say, homeless people are treated cruelly and inhumanely. To be more precise, some may tease, abuse, or even gang up on them in some cases.
In the contemporary age, there is a widespread discussion about the individual obligation to the community. Some people believe that paying taxes is their major contribution to society. While others believe that as a responsible citizen, one needs to take on more responsibilities to paying taxes. This article will discuss these two perspectives and prove that individuals have a moral to contribute to society beyond paying taxes.
Over the past few decades, many cities around the world have seen an alarming increase in the level of youth misconduct. This essay will discuss the reasons for this and some possible solutions to mitigate this rise in teens crime trends worldwide.
It is ture that most professionals and doctors tend to stay in the developed country rather than the underdeveloped country. While there are various types problems will face the country and the people, these can be solved by taking some steps.
A part of the population supports the idea that handwriting is no more needed in today's world and shouldn't be learned.
These days, people are facing home recycled issues. Some people think that the only way to increase recycling is for governments to make it a legal requirement. I completely agree with this view and I will discuss these in this article.
Since technological devices have become more affordable and accessible, adults and children can experience teleworking and online lessons at their own homes. From my perspective, this trend has both merits and demerits that will be analyzed in this essay.
In today’s world, many individuals have less time with their people. Because they have to either sacrifice their time for the workplace or busy schedules or they need to take off their bond with their clan. Even so, its’ results may affect themselves and their loved ones too.
It is believed that learning a new language depends on the time when children start to learn, and it is argued whether is better to start learning, early at school or later. Personally, I think that it is better to learn early, and I will discuss both sides and explain my reasons in this essay.
There is a problem presented that people find doing exercise sufficiently difficult when living in civic areas. This essay will first elaborate on the primary culprits rendering these far-reaching repercussions.
There is an argument that youngsters are spending a long time during the day using their cell phones. The main probably reason for this trend is that technology is more developed nowadays. I do believe that the lack of outside activities does not outweigh the benefit of being in contact with a huge source of acknowledgement that this type of device can provide for children.
These days, the cost of living is going higher and higher all the time. Most folks keep struggling to find a way to downsize life expenses. Needless to say, exorbitant prices for hiring an accommodation guide inhabitant to purchase a home consequently. Undoubtedly, this condition has several benefits for householders like the peacefulness.
sleep deprivation has been recently reported as one of the biggest issues that people are struggling with these days.We will discuss the most serious drawbacks that sleeplessness can cause,and also two ways in which the situation can be improved.
In the modern era, it is widely acknowledged that the gulf between the rich and the poor is widening gradually around the globe. Owing to this phenomenon, people who already possess a lot of wealth are becoming more affluent and people who do not own capital are becoming penniless. This essay will talk about some notable problems arising from this situation and some appropriate immediate measures that can be taken to cope with these issues.
The urban population is dramatically increasing recently due to rampant migration. This essay will discuss the various reasons for this situation and how it negatively affect the citizens and environment.
Preserving the environment from plastic material is an essential fundamental to achieve all over the World . Some people are not able to recycle products from home, whereas, they claim authorities should be responsible to increase sustainability and to declare as a rule . This essay will discuss both views and will explain why the government is responsible for such requirements .
There were several hobbies that increased dramatically. In 1980, 60 % of American old people preferred watching TV to others, and next years, the proportion of them increased considerably by 10 % in the 2000s before the figure for this saw a moderate decrease to below 60 % in the last year given. The percentage of elderly hiking soared and reached a peak at 80 % in 2010. Similarly, the number of old Internet users was negligible in the first year given, however, in the following years, the percentage of the Internet users among old people had increased dramatically to 50 % by 2010.
Some assert that films and television programs are good resources to learn history in spite of their lack of historical accuracy at times. I strongly believe this belief for two reasons. Firstly, these programs are likely to have some entertainments, which makes people get interested in history and secondly, such resources provide a wide range of perspectives from history experts, which people usually cannot gain through textbooks or visiting museums.
Nowadays, a vast majority of the population uses the internet in their daily lives, which has caused numerous problems. In my opinion, the leading problems associated with this use are the danger of becoming addicted to it and the detrimental effects on people’s mental health, but these could be solved by restricting hours designated to the internet and establishing measures to educate citizens about the dangers of the internet.
Nowadays, especially in this century, the mode of working and hours spent in offices has increased drastically. Though this contributes to a booming economy, it has its downsides. I will be discussing both proponents' and opponents' views on this in detail. Hence, in my opinion, I agree with the topic and will give my points in this essay
It is a refutable fact that in the modern era a large sum of the older population who required job need to compete with younger individuals for similar jobs.This trend can be ascribed to a number of challenges along with feasible solutions which would be discussed in the following paragraphs.
In the contemporary world, due to progressing world internet platforms, using of electronic money such as credit cards or mobile phones are pervasive. Although, some individuals believe that payment by cash will be terminated soon, there are still people who do not like to use credit cards in order to do their transactions. I am going to talk about prospects regarding this issue and what kind of problems can be caused by this shift.
In this automation era, We are breathing. However,some folks believe that dilemma of supervision and preservation exceeds cyberspace dominance. In upcoming fragments will explain both viewpoints.
While many believe that the government should prioritize firstly healthcare, others argue that other sectors are more crucial to spend residents’ taxes. I tend to agree with the former view, and my essay will support my opinion via a discussion of both sides.
A number of folks argue that Enjoying watching sports during free time is a bad idea ,However I partially agree with this as some people like to spend their time watching sports while other can do some productive work such as painting or some physical activity involving games. This essay will elaborate on my point of view thoroughly.
Nowadays, most of people gain a knowledge from books that are about real individuals, sat up news and events so they can not get full of news from only those books. In my opinion, there is a negative affect specially for young generation so some people believe that fake statements.
It is true that in several parts of the world, traditional shopping stores are losing their position for e-commerce. From my perspective, I firmly believe this is an inevitable trend and the following paragraphs will explain my reasons.
History is an essential subject for students these days, as it offers children the chance to know the background and development of humans. Since there is a wide range of history to learn, some people believe that children should focus on their country's history education more than global history education. However, I disagree with this statement and my opinion will be analyzed in the following paragraphs.
There is plenty of preparations for retirement on many platforms today whether the solutions of having passive income or investment, although not every people can reach these opportunities. In rural areas, there are a lot of elderly people that need financial support. I personally agree that governments should be a part of this issue to support the retired lives of their citizens.
The experts have an opinion that the punishments should be constant for every category of crime. However, others reckon that judges should consider the conditions of the person at the time of the misdeed, give the person a second chance to be motivated to live again and decide on the punishments. In this essay, I will discuss both opinions about fixed punishments and the circumstances of individual crimes.
While doing a degree course learners have to stay away from their homes. Some demerits are associated with this, I believe its merits are more significant.
Although females are well represented in the workforce in developed countries, it is not very common to see them on top-level positions in companies. Consequently, there is an idea that companies should be obliged to allocate a part of such positions to women. In my opinion, it is a very good idea because it will create additional motivation in career development for other women and because such diversity will positively contribute to cultures of companies.
The maps shows the changes that happened between the years 1780, 1860 and 2000, in a town named willington.
There are many people who are inquisitive to learn about the background of the region they live in. Some do this to sell the house and some individuals want to know about the building material. They find out about this by asking the real estate agent and another way is to meet with the constructor of that accommodation.
It is really important to note that the manager is one of the most important members of the organization, for the reason that his performance can definitely have an impact on the whole company. And I think this is the main reason for his salary being more than the other workers, however, there is another major fact that is relevant when talking about the manager. He is probably the most experienced or prepared individual of the entire organism, not only this, but also the manager is the face of the organization, meaning that if something unpleasant occurs, he has to take the blame, as the responsibility.
Nowadays, there has been a debate surfacing regarding the most cheerful time a human lives in his lifespan. This includes teenage life and also adult life. Albeit there are many people who say that they experienced the best time in adult life, proponents argue that this is not the case. I will be discussing both views and give my opinion
It is true that opinions about how should people live are divided among the public, some believe that we should stick to our traditional ways; however, others think that those are outdated. This essay totally agrees with the first statement; I believe that old ideas are still relevant to this day.
Nowadays extreme sports become popular among individuals. It is Owing , these games provide thrilling experiences coupled with enduring capabilities. However, I think, if a person gets injured then it is their sole responsibility to spend on their medical expenses.
The 21st century has witnessed phenomena such as the IT revolution and globalization, because of which doors were opened for women to work in the industry. Nowadays, females are equally educated as men, but they must take a break from their professional tasks to bring up newborn babies. For such homemakers, in my view, the public authorities should provide support. The essay will discuss the reasons for such support.
Animal labouring is one topic that is universally become controversial among countries. In many nations, there are some rural areas that normally use animals for harvesting their product, while developed countries and some organizations condemn this action, and legislate for this problem. As far as I am concerned, I totally agree with the determination that using animals for the benefit of humans should not be allowed in today's society.
The given table and chart illustrated the police budget that the money spent in what categories and the sources came from 2017 to 2018 in Britain.
Eating a wholesome meal is the best way to be healthy. However, many argue that restraining from consuming meat or fish is not only healthy but also good for the planet. I agree to this opinion and in this essay, I will outline my reasoning.
A skilled person has different talents that may use to have a successful life. However, others believed that somebody should encourage themselves to discover, learn, and practice new things that make their activity successful. This essay argued what is the greatest thing to do to make a man achieve their goal in life.
These days, the majority of employers tend to choose people who have good social skills to hire because they think that these people will succeed in their job in the future. This essay agrees that it is better to choose someone with good life skills and will explain the reasons.
The past few years saw a massive rise in green energy. One of the most prominent examples is solar power, particularly for domestic use. The mechanics include using the sun as a fuel to power solar plates and converting that energy into electrical. Most of the population are proponents of powering their houses using these ways, albeit there are a few disadvantages too which I will cover in this essay.
Nowadays, some says that the internet provides an opportunity to communicate in various location locally and abroad, however, it raises concerns as this decreases people's social interaction and limit physical socialization which is essential in building relationship. I would argue that this is certainly true and I strongly agree with this notion. In this essay, I will discuss and give my opinion on this view.
Many adults today come to the conclusion that child care centers benefit the children by their best facilities as well as qualities, whilst others believe that relatives such as grandparents are the best choices. Both sides will be discussed in the following paragraphs and I will give my perspectives in the conclusion.
How sports facilities should be provided is a topic that has been discussed among many groups of people. Some people think that it is right that the athletes can take priority such as new sports centres. However, others think that it is a negative trend that sports facilities can be used by athletes only. In the following paragraphs, both of these two views will be discussed.
Animal labouring is one topic that is universally become controversial among countries. In many nations, there are some rural areas that normally use animals for harvesting their product, while developed countries and some organizations condemn this action, and legislate for this problem. As far as I am concerned, I totally agree with the determination that using animals for the benefit of humans should not be allowed in today's society.
Nowadays, more and more kids have to get a home education because of their parent’s preference not to send them to school. In this essay, I will try to give explanations why that decision has drawbacks for children’s life.
Although such topics, in all likelihood, never will yield a consensual agreement, a constructive dialogue today more people are travelling than ever before can lead to thought-provoking discussions. My view is that irrespective of the numerous arguments that exist on either side, there are many benefits of travelling for the traveller. Through the course of this essay, I will put forth my points and calculations by considering both sides of the argument.
Some juveniles spend a long time each day on their mobile devices. This is because video streaming apps are so engrossing, but this can have negative consequences because they can distract children from family life.
Nowadays, some people argue that everyone prefers reading online instead of purchasing printed reading materials to read. Although I partially agree that most citizens have a preference for online reading, I concur that not everyone refuses to read printed newspapers or books all the time.
Except the academic subjects given in universities, a growing number of people are in favour of introducing training courses to cultivate competent individuals as solutions for the lack of employees in certain fileds. I strongly disagree with such opinions, due to various drawbacks provoked from vacational training in universitie.
Along with the development of technology, many new methods have been invented to design houses. In this regard, it is argued by some that new homes should be constructed in the same way as the older house while others believe that they should have a right to design their living areas in their own taste. Both two opinions and my opinion will be outlined in this essay.
Presently, the fashions, advertising, brands, eating habits and TV channels are shown in the same ways by people around the world, being the expressions of why the variety between land has been slightly gone. Although there are many benefits of this phenomenon, the essay argues that there are the disadvantages do outweigh the recognition.
While some people are of the opinion that teenagers experience more happiness than adults because adults are saddled with greater responsibilities, I tend to agree more with the opinion that despite having more things to cater for as grown-ups, adulthood gives us more happiness as we will discuss further.
Nowadays, various ideas are shared on social media as well as TV through advertising programs, targeting a specific range of consumers, especially age range, so It’s controversial whether marketing campaigns targeting young children between 2 to 5 years old should be prohibited, from my point of view, I completely agree with the statement and that is for, these following reasons :
there is an argument that’s children who always watch television have a benefit and a negative impact. Viewing on television sometimes give a big risk on their healthy. Currently, many teenage early in the morning and even late night watching television becomes their daily habits.
There are various opinions on whether broadcasting criminal trials for people is advantageous. In this essay, I will illustrate both views and explain my opinion on why it is beneficial for the public.
there is an argument that children who always watch television have a benefit and a negative impact. Viewing on television sometimes gives a big risk to their health. Currently, for many teenagers, watching television early in the morning and even late at night has become their daily habit.
Television is considered useful for education by some, while others claim that it only serves entertainment purposes. While certain people believe television is only for entertainment as it steals time, this essay claims that it is valuable as educational programs on television can help a child’s intellect.
Nowadays, Spending more time on television is becoming so popular for many children. However, there are both pros and cons of TV programs. In this essay, I will discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of watching television for kids and provide my opinion at the end.
Nowadays, some people believe that the necessity of saying a foreign language when people live abroad may lead to all kinds of negative influences. Personally, I strongly agree with this opinion.
Living in a country where you have to speak a foreign language can cause serious social problems, as well as practical problems. 

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
News is one of the best ways to be informed about current affairs. It is often argued that the current form of consuming news via newspapers and TV is not appealing to youngsters. This essay will discuss the main causes of this decline and outline the solutions.
It is trusted by some several individuals that being scaned paperbacks by people can progress higher creativity and speech skillfulness than these who adore to stare LCD. I completely agree with this opinion and think that studying hardcovers is much more essential than following televizion.
Crime fiction has become one of the most popular genres and nowadays occupies the leading positions in some countries. Having captivating and intriguing plots, such books and films attract an audience by provoking thoughts on the endings. I hold a contrary opinion about this genre and suppose it contains too much violence and aggression.
Nowadays, the advancement of technology brought a lot of convenience to people as they can work and live at whichever time and place they want to be. This innovation in our communication and transportation allows an individual to manage time effectively and work flexibly. I would argue that the advantages it brings to a person's life outweigh the disadvantages.
some individuals believe that those who become good citizens after being in prison should be encouraged to educate youngsters about the potential dangers of crime commitment. personally, I agree with this viewpoint completely although certain drawbacks of this tendency need to be taken into consideration.
As the number of people using the internet and online communication continues to grow, as a result, direct conversation is likely to become obsolete. In my opinion, I disagree with this statement and believe that the advancement in technology is never stopped people’s direct conversation.
Blockbusters, TV series and variety shows from various countries have gained popularity around the world thanks to the progress of internet connections and globalization. Some believe their prevalence is beneficial to domestic cultures as imported films and TV productions expand the locals' horizons, promote intercultural understanding and nurture this trade within the nation. However, the opposite claim the necessity of fostering this industry of its own for cultural, political and economic reasons.
Recently many people have become more concerned about whether they should live in an apartment or in a house . The question is which is better ?
Relieved from the overloaded burden of homework in senior high school, many students go into college only to find that they have plunged into the sea of knowledge without anybody telling them where to swim. Some people are filled with misgivings about university students' free choices: how could they possibly tell, at such a young age, which subject is more useful than others and choose it as their focus of study in the next four years which are probably the most valuable time in their entire life? In my view, however, such considerations seem rather superfluous, for choosing a subject by students themselves is beneficial both to the students and the whole society as well.
People hold differing views as to what type of relief wealthy nations should grant developing ones. Some argue the best approach is supported in the form of financial aid, whereas others view that other useful aid and advice are more needed.
In recent times, the phenomenon of supplanting small enterprises with large multinational corporations has gained momentum. While this trend has advantages such as potential economic growth, and the incoming technological advances to the local countries, the disadvantages it has, including diminishing competition and job losses in local areas, outweigh the benefits.
It is undoubted that robots these days handle a large number of our domestic and workplace tasks. Some people show their concerns about this ongoing trend, but I believe that it is overall a positive development.
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