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Deforestation is considered an environmental issue that is occurring worldwide because of the demand for expanding the city area. There have just a few advantages of this action but it gives so many disadvantages over the advantages to nature and to the Earth.
It is observed that these days, a number of people are suffering from sleep deprivation. Several problems can be caused by this phenomenon, but there are some ways to alleviate the issue.
A section of the society thinks that sharing all the information as much as possible then others think that if you have good and helpful, valuable data. you should share with the public freely personally think that you have useful and powerful information which help public you should share that reported with the world.
Currently, the responsibility for investing money in researching medicare has never failed to provoke debates. While some people claim that this crucial issue belongs to the authorities. The others make a statement that private companies and individuals should participate to tackle this problem. I contend that both sides should cooperate in medical research.
These days schools are trying to teach students various courses or studies along with conventional education. Criticism rise against schools, that they are compelling children to learn foreign languages because many children are unable to learn this skill. I agree with this notion and will discuss it further in this essay.
In this era, computers are becoming an integral part of our children’s lives, at entertainment, academic, and social levels. Many believe that the daily usage of computers has more advantages than drawbacks, while others argue that it holds drastic effects on their kids’ mental and physical health. This essay disagrees with the latter and emphasizes the importance of computers for Research and communication.
The controversial topic concerning medicine research projects never fails to attract public attention. Even private corporations fund many medicine research projects nowadays. In my opinion, I think that research should be carried out by corporations because they are professional in conducting research. This essay will give a logical conclusion.
A small group of people are earned extremely high salaries in many countries. Some people consider that it is beneficial for the country, but others support the reverse of the idea. In my opinion, the second idea is the most pertinent for each society because people feel happier the same economic condition, and also hierarchal differentiation can lead to many problems for countries.
It is more and more common to take a sabbatical year before going to university. It can be very positive but it depends on how this year is used. In the present essay, I will explain the possible disadvantages and advantages of it.
There are tremendously controversial perspectives heating a debate over ideal jobs. While some hold a strong view that content with a career is more vital than a stable job, others make the opposite statement. While vocation gratification is valid to some extent, I consider myself an advocate of long-term occupation.
The debate around whether losing some species of flora and fauna could be the worst environmental problem in our generation of there are other important issues has raged on recently. I, for one, believe that the foregoing idea is not the main environmental problem. This essay delves into both sides of the issue and provides some logical reasons before drawing a conclusion.
There is a big financial gap between developed nations and countries of the third world,so advocates of humanity are coming up with favouring for monetary help on humanitarian bases but in some cases those aid ,do not help the real needy people.Instead used up in other non-urgent issues by local governments.The next paragraphs will elaborate on the issue in detail. In the final,I believe if the monetary assistance goes from hand to hand then it is okay otherwise will be wasted in the name of humanity.
With the growth of social media in recent times, we have completely changed the way we interact with people in our daily lives. While some people believe that this made us socially awkward others opine this helped many to overcome their social anxiety. It has helped people overcome their worst fears in interacting with people. Therefore, I don't agree that it makes our physical interactions uncomfortable.
There are a lot of developed technology taking place in the agricultural domain. However, food is still not sufficient for all populations around the world. In the following paragraphs, the causes and solutions of this statement will be outlined.
In recent years, extreme sports have become increasingly popular, and some people argue that governments should prohibit them. I completely disagree with the idea that these sports are too dangerous, and I therefore believe that they should not be banned.
Travelling has become a trend in this contemporary era. Some people think that in the upcoming days' population will love to go on holidays in their own country as far as several factors are concerned I strongly believe that in the forthcoming days' population give the preferences to of abroad travel equally. To write up I will present to what extent I concur with the aforementioned thought.
Improving the living standard is unquestionably the aim of all countries. Some people deem that, the citizens in an urban area will be the sole beneficiary of the improvement of living standards, and the suburb will not enjoy this benefit. In this essay, I will elaborate on the potential reasons responsible for this situation and provide possible solutions.
Even in this modern stage of mankind's history, there are some people who believe job positions should be divided by gender and men or women have limited, specified abilities that are not in the other sex. I contend that this cliche needs to be stopped once forever.
Nowadays, in this competitive world,tourists attraction is one of the most prominent and beneficial ways to increase countries` income undoubtedly. Hence, governments try to devise some appropriate plans to facilitate tourists travelling to their countries. In this attitude, more countries opened their doors for foreign tourists after decreasing the price of travelling to other countries. I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this tendency and in the following, I will describe my opinion.
In modern society, travelling is one of the most popular activities. Many tourists are visiting places where conditions are difficult such as the Sahara. There are both advantages and disadvantages for them, thus, they need to be aware of the negative aspects of visiting such places.
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