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The given table and chart illustrated the police budget that the money spent in what categories and the sources came from 2017 to 2018 in Britain.
The given table and chart illustrated the police budget that the money spent in what categories and the sources came from 2017 to 2018 in Britain.
There are numerous priorities in society that the government needs to balance. However, spending a lot of resources to solve all problems does not always result in high-quality public services in some countries. In my view, most people believe that the government may provide everything, but this is not entirely true. Considering that the government's revenue comes from taxes paid by the population, both the advantages and disadvantages of providing services need to be taken into account.
An increasing number of people claim that sports activities are a crucial point in developing public health, whereas others suggest that it is not enough, and they suggests that there should be done other measures too. This essay will discuss both sides of each of these statements to provide them with reasons.
Currently, living in a large city has a significant impact on the lifestyle of people, including children. In this essay, I will present two reasons, children should grow up in the countryside than in a large city.
To start with, over the past few years the advent of solar power became widely popular across the globe and many newly constructed houses are tending to have this in their plan. It is a great source of convertible power which can be produced even from waste by humans and animals and helps to overcome many hurdles. Yet there are many advantages and equally disadvantages in initiating this plan and I will try to cover a few of those.
Nowadays the majority of people are staying away from their beloved ones, there are many reasons that accompany this situation like career growth and so on. Although there are positive signs for this, yet there are a few drawbacks that need to be considered.
I am so glad to after hearing the great news that you have been selected for the same prestigious universities where I completed my studies. I know, how hard you have to work on your studies to clear the entrance exam. Therefore, you get cleared and get an offer letter. Nevertheless, I will help you at every step to get settled there.
These days, people are facing home recycled issues. Some people think that the only way to increase recycling is for governments to make it a legal requirement. I completely agree with this view and I will discuss these in this article.
This report derives from a bar chart which illustrates the total number of how many boys and girls who perform in six different categories in sport in 2012.
The Graph shows the number of boys and girls playing sport in an English town in 2012.
There is a problem presented that people find doing exercise sufficiently difficult when living in civic areas. This essay will first elaborate on the primary culprits rendering these far-reaching repercussions.
Preserving the environment from plastic material is an essential fundamental to achieve all over the World . Some people are not able to recycle products from home, whereas, they claim authorities should be responsible to increase sustainability and to declare as a rule . This essay will discuss both views and will explain why the government is responsible for such requirements .
Some assert that films and television programs are good resources to learn history in spite of their lack of historical accuracy at times. I strongly believe this belief for two reasons. Firstly, these programs are likely to have some entertainments, which makes people get interested in history and secondly, such resources provide a wide range of perspectives from history experts, which people usually cannot gain through textbooks or visiting museums.
In the contemporary world, due to progressing world internet platforms, using of electronic money such as credit cards or mobile phones are pervasive. Although, some individuals believe that payment by cash will be terminated soon, there are still people who do not like to use credit cards in order to do their transactions. I am going to talk about prospects regarding this issue and what kind of problems can be caused by this shift.
A number of folks argue that Enjoying watching sports during free time is a bad idea ,However I partially agree with this as some people like to spend their time watching sports while other can do some productive work such as painting or some physical activity involving games. This essay will elaborate on my point of view thoroughly.
It is true that in several parts of the world, traditional shopping stores are losing their position for e-commerce. From my perspective, I firmly believe this is an inevitable trend and the following paragraphs will explain my reasons.
History is an essential subject for students these days, as it offers children the chance to know the background and development of humans. Since there is a wide range of history to learn, some people believe that children should focus on their country's history education more than global history education. However, I disagree with this statement and my opinion will be analyzed in the following paragraphs.
A skilled person has different talents that may use to have a successful life. However, others believed that somebody should encourage themselves to discover, learn, and practice new things that make their activity successful. This essay argued what is the greatest thing to do to make a man achieve their goal in life.
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