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Nowadays there is a growing concern over the environmental predicaments around the world. Governments are being accused of these phenomenons by not imposing sufficient charges which are reasonable. Although I agree with this concept, it is noteworthy to consider the actual reasons behind the environmental damages and try to provide feasible suggestions for authorities to solve them. I will discuss some of these reasons and the extension of countries administrations roles in the Eart extinction in this essay.
Digital payments are becoming increasingly popular in our society. In several parts of the world, there is a lot of encouragement to the applications which helps to pay the bills. I believe there are both pros and cons to this situation and will share that with examples.
Nowadays when the advancement of technology is at its peak, various nations around the world have developed bullet train networks and it has been a hot topic for debates for the last few years. While some people advocate the expenditure on constructing these superior rail links, others suggest improving the current public transportation.
The planet earth is rich in different kinds of living species, sheltered in the biosphere of the world, including humankind itself. And there is a certain problem that the entire human race is facing right now. Global warming is the result of the catastrophic behaviour that we humans possessed. How do we stop this hapless situation that our world is experiencing at this moment?
Technology nowadays has brought a free online reading platform in which it could evoke a possibility that nobody will no longer buy physical books or newspapers. I disagree with that statement because some people are more comfortable with printed paper and entry to getting that platform might be expensive for some groups. Thus, real books might still be popular among the community.
Some people believe that living in a foreign country that local people communicate using a different language than one’s native language can result in their social issues and other living issues. In my opinion, I agree with the statement. However, there may be some solutions to help cope with them.
It is argued by some that without developing the economic status of their countries, the citizens will suffer bad economical conditions. Others claimed that the suggested improvement would put some impact on the environment and hence, it is not necessary. From my point of view, there are some inevitable costs for the development that humans must pay.
It is argued that juveniles utilize their most of time watching tv as compared to the past few years. It has pros and cons in offspring's life which I discuss in the forthcoming paragraphs.
Owing to the distribution of social media, several representatives of modern society deem that such diversity of TV broadcasts exert a negative influence on communities. From my perspective, it can not be denied that this position is composed of a fraction of the truth. Therefore, I am going to reflect on this essay my own view of such an issue and to provide strong arguments, which confirm my core opinion.
There is no doubt that many languages are endangered in the era of the internet and connectivity. Some argued that the death of languages can bring more benefits to humanity, which is an opinion that I agree with. In this essay below, I will state the reasons for my view.
The opinion is divided on whether or not undergraduates should be allowed to freely express themselves in disciples of interest or study only future relevant courses. While having a carrier prospect is important, I believe that supporting the student in his area of interest yields a better outcome. This essay shall discuss both views in detail followed by a reasoned conclusion.
An educational certificate is necessary to get a job. However, an array of society believes that higher the education, chances of getting success in life is more, while others contend that starting to earn right after high school will be more beneficial. In my opinion, a career path plays a vital role in choosing the education time period.
I am writing this letter about the computer course which interests me as I am having a keen interest in such sort of courses related to computers, however, at the time of university, there was no specific subject I had. For your information, as per the requirements I have completed an elementary course.
I am writing this letter about the computer course which interests me as I am having a keen interest in such sort of courses related to computers, however, at the time of university, there was no specific subject I had. Additionally, as per the requirements I have completed an elementary course.
Technology is becoming increasingly popular, that's led to the invitation of online shopping. Recently the number of online bookstores, websites, applications is climbing dramatically. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss the positive and negative impacts of this.
Nowadays, recycling has become an important issue in many countries. However, there is an argument if the present amount of recycled waste from dwellings is enough or it must be increased through legislation, which in my opinion, although strict regulation would help this matter, there are other ways that could be employed as well.
Currently, many individuals decide to run their own businesses instead of being employees for a particular organization. From my point of view, this viewpoint may be a negative trend, which provides some drawbacks.
Arguably, assuming that the production of meat requires more land comparatively with the meat processing. For this reason, some individuals commented that the production of meat should be diminished to provide more space for agriculture. This essay will shed light on both solutions and their impacts on communities and provide anecdotal evidence to prove the arguments.
Hope you’re doing good. I am happy about your placement at the University of West London, it is indeed a good decision that you have taken to study there. Anyway, I got your letter in which you had asked for some advice on a place to stay, I will share my thoughts with you, and I hope it’ll be helpful.
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