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The chart illustrates the average hours that married women and married men spend on household work per week. Overall, as can be seen from the diagram, married men tend to do less work at home than married women whether they have kids or not.
The diagram below shows the average hours of unpaid work per week done by people in different categories[ unpaid work refers to such activities as childcare in the home,housework and gardening] describe the information presented below,comparing results for men and women in the categories shown.
People can purchase the same products anywhere in the world they want, and that is the reason why countries are becoming more and more similar. I strongly agree with this statement, and I will explain my reasons in the following paragraphs.
The two pie charts show the gadgets people in the 18 to 25 age categories utilized to watch TV channels between 2009 and 2019 in Canada. Overall, it is clear that conventional TV channels had a huge dropped over time.
The graphs below illustrate the gadgets individuals in the 18 to 25 age categories utilized to watch TV channels in Canada in 2009 and 2019.
These six pie charts depict the proportion of aqua used for industrial, agricultural and domestic reasons on five continents, whereby Asia is further segregated into central and southern regions.
The chart below shows the percentage of water used for different purposes in six  areas of the world.
There are many people who are inquisitive to learn about the background of the region they live in. Some do this to sell the house and some individuals want to know about the building material. They find out about this by asking the real estate agent and another way is to meet with the constructor of that accommodation.
Nowadays extreme sports become popular among individuals. It is Owing , these games provide thrilling experiences coupled with enduring capabilities. However, I think, if a person gets injured then it is their sole responsibility to spend on their medical expenses.
the bar graph illustrates the proportion of internet users in 5 nations in Europe in the year 2000, whereas the pie chart compares the average spending on online shopping in the aforementioned countries.
The charts show the info about the use of Internet in five countries in Europe in 2000.
Parents and teachers normally educate kids that they can attain whatever their mind is set on through hard work and perseverance. I believe this parenting and coaching method results in both advantages and disadvantages depending on how the child reacts and absorbs it.
Many today argue that organizations ought to concern about the excellence of their employee’s work; however, not their way of dressing. In my opinion, although companies should concentrate on workers' potential towards their work, as well as, I believe that equal importance should be placed on workplace dress code.
Nowadays, mass media is coming forward with a number of shows related to our historical events. Many people find it a good way to learn history even though the information given may not be completely accurate. I partially agree with this viewpoint and will elaborate on the reasons for the stance in upcoming paragraphs.
The twin pie charts illustrate the expense of household necessities in China in the year 1995 along with 2011. This is based on four parameters namely food, clothing, medicine and household goods.
The chart below gives information about the household percentage of spending on essential goods in China for the years 1995 and 2011
Nowadays, some countries use genetically modified food. Some people think that it is a good way for several reasons. On the other hand, others believe that it is bad because it leads to some problems. I agree with this statement because it causes diseases and is not natural at all.
Today, one of the main problems faced by developing and underdeveloped countries is poverty. In the contemporary era, there have been tremendous discussions on how we can curb this issue. Some people believe that the best way to reduce it is by providing education to the masses. I completely agree with them, and this essay will elucidate the same in the forthcoming paragraphs.
It is more widespread in many parts of the world these days that people are highly concentrated on their own rather than in their community. There are several reasons caused by this trend, and various actions could be taken to improve the situation.
It is often thought that children would gain more benefits when they are exposed to reading materials, such as story books compared to watching TV programs or playing games. In my opinion, I completely agree that by reading stories in books, children will clearly gain a number of benefits which will significantly help them in a number of aspects.
Few people do not get much family time as they work extra hours to earn more salary. However many individuals are satisfied with low-income and short-time professions as they spend their precious time with loved ones and kids. I personally support the former's view and both side's views will be discussed in upcoming paragraphs.
People have different opinions about sharing data. While some say it is best to communicate more information when working on scientific study, business and academic work, I argue that certain information is very essential to be exposed freely.
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