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Eating too much sugar may cause some serious problems with health. It is why society wants the law of a country to do something with that. However, there are people who believe that everyone has to take care of themselves. I think that individuals have to decide alone what they prefer to eat. This essay agrees with this statement.
Some people argue that inventors who have invented a lot of useful devices and types of equipment for humans are less crucial than doctors. I disagree with this statement as there would not be any significant progress and further development, especially, in the field of treatment.
It is generally acknowledged that the internet and social media play a key role to influence people's habits. Some people advocate that the restriction of the internet should be enacted. In my opinion, on the contrary, this phenomenon should not happen to irritate our use of online platforms.
In today's society, there is a growing debate about whether sellers could sell their commodities to other nations without any restrictions from authorities. In my opinion, I totally disagree with this viewpoint because of some drawbacks that it could bring since governments have a robust influence on the trade market.
Presented are the two maps exhibiting the changes in the layout of = the design of a community centre from past to present.
the two maps compare the changes of the community center
I am writing this letter to draw your attention to the non-satisfactory service provided during our client meeting this morning , we had our meeting held in meeting hall no. 12 from 11 am to 12:30 pm . Our clients and I have made bookings for one night stay at your hotel for tonight .
It is often believed that a salary package is more fruitful than the fulfilment of the job itself. In my ,opinion a person's self-worth is more important than any monetary befits which drive career opportunities that may come with it which will be discussed in this essay in detail.
A portion of the population believes that the usage of animals for scientific advancement is essential while some think it is vile and barbaric to use them for experiments. In my opinion, although using animals can help create breakthroughs in the field of science, I believe it is extremely cruel to do so on innocent animals. This essay will discuss both sides and provide a concluding view.
Nowadays since in the majority of countries internet became a primary resource, it increased many innovations exponentially and online transactions via phone became one of the most effective and efficient ones. People of every age group became too reliant on this. There are many advantages and minimal disadvantages and I am going to guide you through them.
Schooling from junior to high level is based on theoretical facts as compared to giving emphasis on hand on experiences. I agree that the sole aim of schools is to graduate students with good grades without considering the importance of learning through different practical experiences.
The table compares the figures of tourists to the Ashdowm museum in two different periods which is a year before and a year after its renovation and the chart illustrates the outcome of a study to know how visitors were fulfilled with their stay during those years.
The table below shows the numbers of visitors to the Ashdown museum during the year before and the year after it was refurbished. The chart show the result of a survey asking visitors how satisfied they are with their visit during the same two periods.
Nowadays, with the increasing development of competition, people are easy to get into struggling when faced with difficulties. Some people hold the view that you have better accept a bad truth such as an unhappy job or a financial situation, while others suggest you should find a way to make your situation improve. In my eyes, I agree with latter argument.
It is a common belief that getting part-time jobs should be encouraged for their beneficial results . Others think of it as since it leads to among . In my opinion, the hardships that temporary works bring are greater than the advantages considered beneficial.
The pie chart and graph illustrated the percent of sales and share prices for Coca-Cola respectively in 2000 and the years between 1996 and 2001.
The chart and graph below give information about sales and share prices for Coca-Cola. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.
It is a controversial issue in today's world that athletes can become successful whether or not it is because of their given talents. In my opinion, having talents is a vantage for some sports performers as well as some who are well-trained.
It is often observed that in developing nations, one parent usually stays at home and takes responsibility for an infant while, others work permanently to raise a family. This way a child gets special care. However, it is also a waste of resources at the same time. This essay will discuss both advantages and disadvantages and derive a logical conclusion.
It is an irrefutable fact that life was good when technology was less advanced.This essay is in disagreement with the statement to a great extent and the reasons for the same would be discussed in upcoming paragraphs.
At present time, lots of individuals prefer to start their own businesses despite several decades ago when the majority of nations were employed in companies. In the following essay, some of the main reasons for this change will be mentioned and also I will outline the drawbacks of the new attitude.
Charity can change people's lives. Some people believe that donating to a charity organisation is the best choice while others argue that helping someone directly is more beneficial. This essay will discuss both points of view as well as my reasoning as to why the latter opinion is superior.
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