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In this contemporary world, numerous business meetings and business training show their preference for online platforms. This essay will illustrate the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages. Even though virtual connections still play an essential role in work progress, the fact that this platform sees a potential future is changing the way how people respond to this statement.
I do apologise for this inconvenience, but I have heard that the local council decided to close the sports and leisure centre to economize money and I think that decision is not advisable.
Numerous environmental changes have been arising ,recently, causing harmful amplification of both humanity and planet Earth.There is a debatable perspective about whose duty to participate in solving this case .The views have been divided between whether it is the politicians and the citizens.I strongly believe that definitely politicians have a lead in this role but this does not eliminate the responsibility of normal people.
The maps illustrate the present and past changes that were reported to a village called Ryemouth .
The map below shows the development of the village of Ryemouth between 1995 and present.
In recent times, people constantly face challenges while trying to participate in making art. There are individuals who claim that creativity is an innate ability, whereas other persons are convinced that it might be acquired over the course of life. Not only do I go along with the latter opinion and but I also tend to believe that desire coupled with persistence is key to creating music, paintings and other expressions of human ideas.
There is an argument that, nowadays, most individuals thought that every country's goal is to manufacture more materials and products. In my opinion, except in certain cases, I largely agree with the notion countries focus on production because of the increase in the economy besides this minimising poverty.
the bar graph illustrates the proportion of 5-14 - year-old boys and girls taking part in different organized cultural activities and organized sports in Australia in the year 2003.
The charts show the percentage of boys and girls aged 5-14 taking part in cultural activities and sports in Australia in 2003.
There is a phenomenon now that art courses seem to attract girls more while boys prefer to apply for science majors. I disagree with this kind of social atmosphere and I consider it stems from a biased education and it needs to be changed. I will discuss my viewpoints in the following essay.
The given pie charts compare the proportion of spending per family on the four necessities in China in 1995 and 2011.
The chart below gives information about the household percentage of spending on essential goods in China for the years 1995 and 2011
There is a belief in the cruelty of zoos and some people think that they should be demolished. Meanwhile, others argue that zoos can provide protection for wildlife. From my perspective, zoos are essential for wildlife creatures. In this essay, I will examine both views and express my perspective.
Many people argue that early education could bring benefits to children. Meanwhile, others believe that sending kids over 7 years old who are more developed to school is more advantageous. In this essay, I will analyze both opinions and express my personal point of view.
Superstars enjoy most of the wealthy lifestyles as well as numerous issues in their personal lives. This essay discusses the facilities such as financial gain for being well-known persons; thereafter, it explains several issues that celeb face in their daily lives.
These days, more and more teenagers are considered a criminal because of their offences. The following essay will point out reasons for such an important issue and give possible outcomes.
It is important to consider that people nowadays are prone to have more risks due to the modern lifestyle, in comparison to the past. In this essay, I would like to outline the reason why this is true with supporting arguments and examples.
Cities these days are busted with population and facing heavy traffic bottlenecks on roads. While the population is growing, there are limited resources for transportation which causing an issue. One viable solution is to improve the public transit system. This essay will discuss some of the main reasons for road congestion and solutions to deal with it.
Thanks to the advancement in modern technology, it is expected that autonomous vehicles are getting popular in the future. While this trend is criticized for being negative effects on drivers’ job market, I believe that its merits outweigh its demerits in terms of road safety and environmental protection.
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