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The line graph illustrates the number of shops in terms of closed and opened in one country over a period of 7 years.
the graph below show the number of shops that closed and the number of new shops that opened in one country between 2011 and 2018.
Some say group study is much more effective than studying alone, while others think the opposite. So, firstly, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of learning in a group and secondly, about studying alone and then give my opinion.
A glance at the graph provided reveals the birth rates between China and the USA from 1920 to 2000.It is evident that both nations saw considerable fluctuations during this period.
The graph below compares changes in the birth rates of china and the USA between 1920 and 2000.
Many people claim that the modern lifestyle we have nowadays was not too complicated in comparison to the past. I agree with this viewpoint as there were a number of beneficial factors which helped folk to occupy without having any misunderstandings among themselves and being less dependent on robotics.
The bar graphs give information about the populations of two different countries in terms of the dwellers’ ages in the year 1984.
the charts below compare the age structure of the populations of France and India in 1984
Issues related to the extinction of animal species due to the activity of humans are frequently discussed these days. Many human activities on land and in the sea have a negative impact on animals, resulting in becoming extinction. In the following paragraphs, both causes and practical solutions will be examined in detail before a conclusion is reached.
It is true that the usage of cell phones has been rising nowadays even though it causes damaging troubles to our health and society. Some people believe that the government should take action by restricting users of cell phones to address the problem. I personally agree with this idea and I will outline the reasons in the following essay.
Some people think that travelling in a group led by an excursion agent is the best way to travel, while others oppose this statement. I personally think that a band journey is not as good as a solo trek. I feel the aforementioned way for two reasons, which I will illustrate in the following essay.
When it comes to combatting crimes and ensuring the security of citizens, there is often a debate about the appropriate measures to take. Some suggest using education and alternative forms of punishment rather than imprisonment to maintain the basic human rights of criminals. Nevertheless, I disagree with the notion that better education is a more effective solution.
Nowadays education is improving by teaching more than the ABC. It is thought that young learners should learn to be the best in everything at school , while others believe that cooperation and working in groups at school are more significant .In this essay, I will show those points of view and also I will argue why parents have to ensure that schools promote more teamwork and improve skill social skills in the school community.
Nowadays, there are multitudinous people who have access and they exert it to acquire countless information on it. The earlier trend has some detrimental effects on several qualifications such as critical thinking and memorizing. I strongly believe in the previous contention which will be detailed in the following paragraphs.
Some believe that it's important to be accepting of negative circumstances when they occur whereas others emphasise that it is better to try to seek solutions in such situations. This essay discusses both perspectives and why I believe that the arguments for seeking solutions are stronger.
In recent years, sharing data about the scientific area, academic world, and businesses has become a controversial topic. Many believe that providing information in different areas is essential and should be provided, while the opponents advocate some data cannot be shared due to their significance. In this essay, both sides of the discussion will be investigated, and my contention will be stated.
It is argued that there is no need for schoolchildren to take standardized tests. I completely disagree with that point of view because these tests can help them pinpoint areas for improvement and even meet university requirements.
On one hand, the first table illustrates the mean speed in urban boundaries from 1970 to 2020 in different states of the world. On the other hand, The second chart represents the evolution of the total number of urban surfaces per territory. Both sheets are measured respectively in kilometres per hour and in thousands.
The tables show (Table a) the average speed of urban zone traffic (in kilometres per hour or kph) in a number of countries over a fifty-year period, including a future estimate; and also (Table b) the total number of urban zones per country (in thousands).
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