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Noise has become an increasingly common problem in the modern world. Some people argue that there should be firm laws to govern the amount of buzz a human being produces because of the distraction it causes to people. This essay will discuss both the positive and negative aspects of the laws on thud production.
It is true that due to the affordability and accessibility of computers now, working and studying from home is now within people's reach. In my own perspective, I believe that this tendency can only give a negative impact.
It is immensely obvious that cities have been such a place for uniting due to the various number of convenient conditions, unfortunately, leading to manifold sophisticated issues directly threatening the quality of residents’ lives. In my view, I fundamentally concur with the following viewpoint that there should the government’s measures to re- orient the country’s population by fostering people having accommodation at regional area.
People have conflicting views with regard to the role of fathers of inventions in this modern world, with some claiming that they are of greater importance than their counterparts who works in medical services. Although various devices and tool have absolutely improved our quality of life throughout history, I still believe that medical workers are much more important than inventors.
It is considered by many that keeping healthy eating habits is difficult. This essay is going to explain why people think this and what could be the possible solutions for this problem.
The decreasing fitness level of people is being increasingly witnessed these days. In this essay, I shall discuss the main reasons why this change has occurred and also suggest solutions to cope with it.
There are people who hold different views about whether the government should be responsible for preserving the environment or every individual. In my perspective, it will be more beneficial if both the country’s authorities and individuals share the responsibility equally. In this essay, I will explain both the views with suitable examples.
With the proliferation of mobility among people, it is very essential to have an efficient public transport system in every country. Among different modes of transport, some countries budget huge amount of money for sophisticated railway tracks, whereas others only consider improving their current public transport. In my view, it depends on countries' financial capacity and necessity of such advanced mode of transportation.
Nowadays, developing countries continue to extend industries that serve tourisms. There are reasons why this is happening and I believe that this is a positive development.
It is argued that fossil burning cars should be entirely forbid and replaced with an electric car. This essay agrees with this statement because it is an environmental friendly option that also promote the usage of renewable source of energy.
Some people believe that world car-free days are a trenchant idea for reducing air pollution, yet, others assume there are better ways like implanting more plants. I support this idea because of the immeasurable impact on decontamination of air by using natural resources.
Nowadays, the film industry is very popular that many think it is purely made for leisure purposes. Others suggest that individuals should be acquiring knowledge from it as well. My view is that, people should watch movies to have fun and learn at the same time.
Nowadays, people believe that having a multicultural society with different ethnical backgrounds bring more positive development than the negative. With my knowledge, I completely agree with it that, in such a way, it brings a lot of advantages to a nation, especially in terms of education and economic growth.
Technology has been flourishing by leaps and bounds and providing us new avenues while keeping ourselves updated with the latest news and current affairs. There is a fair amount of people who believe, a conventional way of newspaper reading will be disappeared. I do not completely accord with it because a conventional paper is the easiest and cheapest way to get news.
Some people are against the belief that technology has facilitated the livelihood of many. This essay is going to support the importance of technology in our daily life by presenting two examples of inventions that have changed our lives and why.
Many parents think that arithmetic should not be studied in school since it is no longer useful.However, others claim that it should continue to be a basic course, regardless of its use later in the future. In my view, I believe that maths should remain a preliminary subject because it helps both children and adults in the management of money and time. This essay will explain the reasons with relevant examples
In the recent times, the job market evolved in several different ways. One of them is the spread of many self-employed workers, that have decided to give up with their normal jobs in companies or organisations to work by themselves.
More and more students are opting to travel to foreign countries in order to pursue further studies. In my opinion, I think that the benefits of studying abroad clearly surpasses any drawbacks.
Many individuals argue that children between the ages of thirteen to nineteen should be restricted from using smart phones in academic institutions.I absolutely agree because the usage of such devices could cause serious distractions as well as a reduction in creativity in them.This essay will explain these with relevant examples.
Every nation's budget a handsome amount of money for the welfare of art and history. Whilst some opine that these allocations are indispensable, others believe that such investments must be used for other public expenditures. I could not accord with the second group of people, and in my opinion, the necessity of setting apart money for cultural activities, like the arts and music, is undeniable.
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