In some parts of the world, people have become more focused on themselves than their communities. What problems can this situation cause and how can they be solved?

It is more widespread in many parts of the world these days that
are highly concentrated on their own rather than in their community. There are several reasons caused by
trend, and various actions could be taken to improve the situation. There are a variety of different problems with
To begin
with, the advancement of technology makes individuals become more isolated and focused on themselves only.
is because, in the tech savvy-era, there are plenty of social websites
as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc and
can create their own unrealistic life, background and manners. The overuse of the Internet leads to the consequences of illusion and indifference to social issues. Another significant problem to mention is that
have to deal with financial conditions to fulfil their basic needs,
as a result
, they do not have enough time to care about others' issues. In fact, the recession of the Covid-19 pandemic forced numerous workers to lose their jobs,
, individuals are strongly struggling to secure a job in order to earn a living.
, professionals seem to completely concentrate on their own life and lose interest in communal matters.
For example
, as reported by Vietnam Express in 2020,
due to
the bankruptcy of many businesses, Vietnam experienced a dramatic decrease in the number of employees who got a job, by nearly 30%. Despite these circumstances, there are several measures that governments could take to solve the problems.
, a simple and crucial solution would be for authorities to deal with the problems is creating more job opportunities for citizens. It means that better financial conditions and working environment would improve
's life circumstances,
, they will have time to be
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show examples
about social phenomena. The second solution would be for governments to take into consideration organizing as many free community festivals as possible.
is because these are
precious events where residents can gather and interact with other
with the aim of connecting citizens in various regions and provinces.
For example
, as reported in Thailand Post in 2018, thanks to the Songkran (Thailand water festival), more than half of introverts can socialize and enjoy others' company to discover more about Thailand's cultural specialities. In conclusion, the tendency to only care about themselves and ignore social issues is unlikely to be entirely eliminated in the short term.
, numerous actions could be taken to tackle the matter to reduce the impact it is having on the current society.
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