The best way to reduce poverty is education. Do you agree or disagree?

Today, one of the main problems faced by developing and underdeveloped countries is poverty. In the contemporary era, there have been tremendous discussions on how we can curb
issue. Some people believe that the best way to reduce it is by providing education to the masses. I completely agree with them, and
essay will elucidate the same in the forthcoming paragraphs. Education provides us with the knowledge that helps us lead better lives.
, in these competitive times, it acts as the base for better opportunities.
For instance
, one can get a well-paying job only after studying hard and attaining the required knowledge.
, in order to have a stable source of income and maintain a good standard of living, it is necessary to study.
, if poor people had been educated,
they would be able to live a better lifestyle and would have been freed away from poverty. Apart from that, it is commonly seen that needy individuals are exploited.
is because they are not aware of their basic rights.
For example
, a daily wage worker can be easily underpaid in spite of working the whole day and putting in the effort, as he would be unaware of the minimum wage rate. So,
that is
where learning helps as it gives us information about industry standards.
, the unfortunate masses can be uplifted if they are able to read and write.
To conclude
, in my view, the government authorities must provide free education to all so that people are aware of their rights and get better job opportunities.
will certainly impact their livelihood and ascertain a better standard of living, thereby, eroding poverty.
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