Which would you choose a high-paying job with long hours that would give you a little time with family and friends or a lower-paying job with shorter hours that would give you more time with family and friends? Explain your choice, using specific reasons and details.

Few people do not get much family
as they work extra hours to earn more salary.
many individuals are satisfied with low-income and short-
professions as they spend their precious
with loved ones and kids. I personally support the former's view and both
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views will be discussed in upcoming paragraphs.
, high pay jobs are playing a significant role in daily routine
by fulfilling the requirements of expensive gadgets. To be precise, Nowadays, electronic items like iPods, laptops and iPhones etc, have become the basic needs to maintain the standard in society.
, providing quality education to children in higher-standard schools has become a trend and that can be achieved only if you are a highly salaried paid employee. Conclusively, getting higher wages is very much essential to living a luxurious
in current society.
, Many people prefer to work less and provide more importance to family and friends. First and foremost, it's been widely acknowledged that spending quality
with family is required to maintain a healthy relationship with wife and kids, it can be exemplified by a survey conducted to analyse the family members' relationships and it has been identified that more breakup happens
due to
lack of interaction among the partners.
Apart from
, during the modern era observing the kid's activities are necessary,
they can be distracted and influenced easily by social media
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if we do not pay attention.
, family
is very crucial to keep binding them together and guiding the children right path.
To Conclude
, both kinds of people live in society, one who earns more to spend a luxurious
, but can not spare
for family. another kind of person is satisfied with less salary and normal
but uses their
to care for their family.
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