In some culture, children are often told they can achieve anything if they try hard enough. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this message?

Parents and teachers normally educate kids that they can attain whatever their mind is set on through hard
and perseverance. I believe
parenting and coaching method results in both advantages and disadvantages depending on how the child reacts and absorbs it.
who are told to
hard since they are young tend to put reasonable effort into their academics.
, they are likely to achieve good grades in their schools and able to be admitted into the universities of their choice.
In addition
, important traits like good management skills and punctuality are often found in those who are trained to value hard
as they gradually acquire essential skills
they are working hard either in their study or
. To illustrate, an outstanding student normally manages his study timetable based on his strengths and weaknesses in the subjects before the real exam.
On the other hand
, there can be side effects if the
don’t respond well to the pressure given by the adults.
often misunderstand their parents and are pressured when they are told to
hard to achieve something. They can easily feel demotivated if they can’t attain the desired results even though they put in their best efforts
due to
unfortunate events.
are prone to mental and physical illnesses
as sleep deprivation and self-dissatisfaction since they have no time to enjoy themselves to relieve stress. In conclusion, it is good to train kids to value hard
parents and educators monitor their well-being and happiness.
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