IELTS Writing Samples Band 7.5

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Some individuals believe that museums should be a place for entertainment. In contrast, others think that museums are educational places and should learn information. In my opinion, museums are both educational and enjoyable places, and people can have valuable time in that places.
According to some views, friendly teachers can achieve better results in the educational process than strict teachers. In my perspective, a friendly teaching process can encourage students better. This essay will discuss both sides of views to the phenomenon.
The controversial topic concerning diversity never fails to attract public attention. It is commonly thought that having folks from different backgrounds in the same country enhance the country's development. In my opinion, I completely agree with this statement because the more diverse population the country has the more new ideas the country will get. In addition, it could open more chances for multinational companies to operate on their land.
In the present day, with the advance of globalization, the variety of information technology has become increasingly popular and present in our society. Although some traditional people strive to keep some habits, the influence of this new trade is unstoppable. As far as I am concerned, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages since it is much more convenient, comfortable and easier to use.
In today's world, fewer youngsters prefer reading books more than the internet. However, reading children's storybooks are considered losing time in an inappropriate way by some people, they believe that there are more practical activities. Personally, I completely disagree with their consideration.
Decreased quality of sleep is the real modern problem of our society. every day, people feel anxiety about their a common condition due to lack of sleep. This essay will discuss issues that can become a reason for lack of sleep and give a possible the way of solution to improve the quality of sleep.
Global warming is the next big disaster looming on our mother earth. Humans have achieved a lot of technological milestones. Ironically, we have now managed to reach the moon but have made our own planet inhabitable. Hence, there is no doubt that man-made activities are responsible for rising temperatures worldwide.This has further created problems such as excessive melting of glaciers and ever-increasing sea levels.
Nowadays, due to technological advancements more and more individuals believe that scholars are not required to learn new languages because of this development and also these computers translate each word properly into their own language. My viewpoint is that there are several reasons why children should be taught to learn new languages and this essay will be discussed about these facts.
Preserving Mother Nature is an important problem rising among all nowadays . Certain people destroy the natural habitat and the government have less penalising against the lawbreakers. I completely agree with the above statement . This essay demonstrates how nature affects this kind of criminal activity and necessary steps should be taken by Government.
The controversial topic concerning music never fails to attract public attention. It is commonly thought that music is an effective method to bring unity among people from different places and ages. This essay agrees with this statement because opera has been doing so for hundreds of years and music decreases stress and increases friendship among societies.
Many people believe that children should enroll in schools at a young age while others think that they had better start their academic journey when they get older. This essay discusses both views and states my agreement with the latter statement.
There are many threats that humans face in the 21st century and the biggest among them is global warming. This issue is critical to the survival of the human race, and by understanding the problem associated with it, only then we will be able to look for the solutions.
In recent days, several individuals may consider it is more crucial to own a house than rent one in some countries. In my concern, there are several reasons for both situations and I will explain both standpoints.
Disciplining children is one of the important things to do as a guardian, without discipline children will be uncontrollable and difficult to deal with. One of the working methods is to smack them. Although, smacking method is working, i disagree to use it that way because it is not good for the child's behaviour. Kids will be violent to others when they got older and could also be afraid to make any mistakes or trust other people.
Intoday'sfast-moving and highly connected world, social media have replaced the traditional means of face-to-face communication. In spite of this fact, certain people argue that this phenomenon contributes to worsening communication rather than improving it. I partly agree with this viewpoint. Although it helps one to communicate with loved ones who are miles away, it makes a person addicted to this kind of virtual interaction.
A university is a place where “pebbles are polished, diamonds are dimmed” itself signifies the importance of university education. Some segments of society reckon that there should not be any fees for students who want to study in colleges. Although there are arguments on both sides, I agree with this statement. Even these beliefs will be discussed in support of my personal stance in the following paragraphs.
It is undeniable that people accused of committing any crime went to prison; they engage themselves in the terrible deed again after being discharged from jail. There could be some reasons for this phenomenon, and I believe this problem could be solved by taking unprecedented steps by both the government and the individuals. This essay will draw the probable reasons and solutions to resolve this issue.
It is believed by some experts that people cannot do anything to protect nature and they consider just lawmakers and multinational corporations can support this issue. Therefore, I agree with this aforementioned notion because the government should organise campaigns. Although, individuals should take the responsibility to overcome environmental issues.
Free-lancing is a popular work pattern observed in the present era among many citizens. It is mainly because of inadequate job availability and stringent working hours. There are a few disadvantages of owning a business such as economic instabilities and huge financial burden. This essay will elaborate on the same in the upcoming paragraphs.
In this modern era,our dependence on technology has enhanced as a result it is restructuring our lifestyle.I completely believe that its advantages outweigh its demerits such as providing easy and quick work options.Also,transmitting a fast and clear message.However,I would like to explicate its drawbacks as well as its solutions in the upcoming paragraphs.
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