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A renowned psychologist once said all work and no play makes jack a dull is thought by some that pupils extracurricular activities must be educational, otherwise is a total waste of time . well, I would disagree with the statement because children learn and do better when they are allowed to play games and play with their friends during break time.
Several representatives of contemporary society deem that language should be educated in small schools whereas others argue that a number of children exert an impact on the educational process. From my perspective, it cannot be denied that these statements are composed of a fraction of the truth. Therefore, I am going to reflect on this essay my own view of such an issue and to provide strong arguments, which confirm my core position.
It is undoubtedly believed that student's education is essential especially if it is in developed countries. My viewpoint is, elders should encourage the youngsters to study overseas because it has a lot of benefits for them and for their homeland. This essay will discuss some benefits of studying abroad.
Since the beginning of the industrial revolution and the exploration of computer technologies, Internet utilization has become an indispensable part of people's lives, making everyday activities easier to do. Although, it caused some problems as well. This essay will argue that the advantages outweigh the drawbacks of the mentioned development. This essay will first demonstrate that the Internet can provide people with a vast amount of resources and information and that it gives users the opportunities to communicate with others, followed by an analysis of how the primary disadvantage named facing the hackers online might be not valid.
Nowadays, it's common to meet parents extremely occupied with a busy life that result in less time to be with their family. Who suffers the consequences of this lifestyle is their children, since their relatives couldn't give the necessary care that they really need. In my point of view, this is an important issue for modern society and it should be analyzed carefully, with urgency, because it may create a new generation of disturbing relationships.
In some nations around the world, the population of youngsters is more than that of the elder citizens and it been in the debate for a long time whether it has more benefits or negative impact on the society. In this essay, we will discuss how this difference in the age group population is way beneficial for a community in contrast to its drawbacks.
In the 18th century, Watt had invented the world’s first automobiles. Afterwards, we have welcomed a thriving world. Due to modern technologies, cars have been improved by sensors and artificial intelligence. There are several reasons why those unmanned ones will become more and more ubiquitous.
Parenting is inevitable for society at any social level. Both parents have various responsibilities that were like this throughout the centuries. I will discuss reasons, why this situation has changed and what problems we can face sooner.
There is a tremendously controversial perspective heating up a debate over environmental issues. This essay is devoted to analyzing the tactics that environmental quality is jeopardized by human actions and efficacious solutions given by the authorities and residents.
Nowadays, schools try to generate additional revenue by allowing restaurants and supermarkets to open their outlets inside school premises. Although such practices increase the profit for the management, I believe that these developments have many drawbacks related to healthy eating and are certainly a negative development.
In modern society, language is one of the most important communication tools due to globalisation. While some think that the only reason for learning a foreign language is to travel to another country, others believe that there are other reasons for this. It is clear that it will help individuals to build their relationships and it will result in preserving cultures. Therefore, learning different languages should be encouraged.
the public appears to be at the horns of a dilemma on whether appreciating the status-quo makes sense for nationalities and citizens instead of envisioning forthcoming years. The envision of the forthcoming is able to prevent any further abrupt disasters and risks even if focusing on the current situation might provide optimal moods without the anxiety of eventual between countries and individuals. Now I will mull both cases over a certain extent in order to voice my own standpoint in the end.
Computer plays a vital role in all individual life. Nowadays young age student started spending most of their time on computers . This essay will describe the positive and negative of using computers among the younger generation.
Nowadays, technology and science become more and more important, and some people hold that science and technology are more important than History. This essay discusses both sides and will give my own opinion about this statement.
Many people, especially married couples, usually have a tendency to choose a job offering many vacation days rather than a high-paid job so that they can have more time with their families. Although a post providing much time with loved ones is quite good, I support the idea that high income is considered as one of the main purposes for three reasons.
Spending money on artworks plays a major role in some nations. Some people think this amount of money is reasonable, whereas I strongly agree with those who think it should be spent for another reason. In this essay, I will examine why I think on this site and the following examples will be provided in order to support my point of view.
There is no doubt that traffic and pollution from vehicles have become huge problems, both in cities and on motorways everywhere. Solving these problems is likely to need more than a simple rise in the price of petrol.
Global environmental pollution has become the greatest trouble of the world, each and every nation trying to remediate this issue by applying one or another solution from the increasing price of the fuel to penalising the environmental abusers. I Will elaborate further on the possibilities of eradicating the problem,by finding the root cause of the issue.
In today's world, one of the most pressing issues that our world is experiencing is global warming. This essay will discuss both some causes and possible solutions in the following paragraphs.
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