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Different people hold different opinions about telling the truth in a relationship. Some people claim that telling exact things is essential in any type of bonding while remaining argue that sometimes telling lies is also acceptable. I personally believe that honesty should be a main consideration in relation. I feel this way for a number of reasons, which I am going to illustrate in the following essay.
Greetings of the day! I am writing to you about an advertisement that I have seen recently, Actually that was related to my current job, and I sure attending this plan will be useful to progress in my position.
Undeniable is the fact that going on strike has been a practical way for individuals in all sorts of occupations to show their dissatisfaction and demand their rights. Nevertheless, it is argued that some professionals should not be allowed to do this. From my perspective, this point of view sounds more logical due to the reasons that will be explained.
People without occupations are increasing; hence, people suppose that children solely need to study until high school. From my perspective, I am totally against this viewpoint and will elaborate on some reasons to justify this stance.
the maps illustrate the development which occurred in a small town and its surroundings from 1990 to 2010.
The diagrams show a small museum and its surroundings in 1990 and 2010.
I am writing this letter to ask a favour from you this upcoming holidays. I will be away for a week from April 10th until April 17th to visit my parents in Bicol and I would like to ask for some of your time to look after my house for that said week.
In recent years, many people think that academic standards in the areas of literacy and numeracy have dropped drastically. One of the main causes of this is children these days are giving more importance to other tasks whereas focussing less on key subjects. This essay will discuss some of these issues and recommend some viable solutions to them.
In the modern era, while there is an ongoing debate with compelling reasons about some traditions that men who only responsible for household expenses and housewives take care of their children , it leads to intriguing arguments and broadens a person's horizon . In my opinion , I believe that women play a crucial performance in the upbringing of their children, however , I do not fully agree with the fact that men should be the only ones working in a household , and I am going to put forth my ideas in this essay.
In the modern world, several individuals choose to alter their jobs after a few years because of several reasons. This essay will discuss the pros and cons of this trend and will draw my conclusion.
It is true that many employers believe that excellent communication abilities play a vital role in the workplace. Although I accept that great soft skills lead to strong success, I partly agree with this idea and I will outline the reasons in the following essay.
Some people argue that television advertising is harmful to young children and should not be directed towards them. However, some people support that television commercials do not affect young children and there should be no limitations. As far as I am concerned, I believe screen advertisements should be discouraged because they have a negative impact on youngsters. I feel this for a number of reasons, which I am going to illustrate in the following essay.
Different people have different reactions in times of turmoil and adversity. It is a belief among many that devastating circumstances are meant to occur so they accept their fate as it is whereas, some strive to change the circumstances through hard work and dedication. This essay will aim at discussing both these dissenting views in extensive detail and my opinion at the end.
Nowadays, it is commonly acknowledged that the spectacular rise of international travel among countries is providing a great opportunity to learn about various cultures. However, some people argue that this phenomenon augments tension between the masses from different nations. This essay will discuss both viewpoints, as you will see.
In the modern era, social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have risen in wide popularity and have revolutionized the way people communicate. While this change has some drawbacks to human interaction, I believe that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages.
There is a traditional culture in some nations where men are employed and women stay at home to take care of their families. In my opinion, I think that housewives do a great job in taking care of their children and husbands, however, I do not fully agree with the fact that men should be the only ones working in a household.
I am your neighbour Diyor. My family and I are your fans. The reason I am writing to you is that we are going to have a party at our house next week. My mother and my father are the reason for this party.
The bar charts illustrate information about different modes of travelling for work in particular European countries by four-wheeler,bus, two-wheeler and by walking in the 20-year gap in every period namely 1960,1980 and 2000.
The bar chart compares the proportion of 4 divers transportations usage throughout the commuting to work in one of European city in 3 separate years 1960, 1980 and 2000. The unit is measured in the percentage.
New immigrants are often reported as victims of domestic violence in Taiwan, saying that they do not have friends around them to help due to language barriers. From my point of view, I disagree that language disfluency will lead to social isolation or even make one suffer difficulties in daily life.
These days, bookshop shelves and TV schedules are heaving with crime stories worldwide. I strongly believe that they are coming to be favoured because people are attracted to the process of unfolding mystery in them. Quite frankly, I am a big admirer of these stories as well because they grant the opportunity to be frightened in a supervised environment where the threat is exciting but not real.
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