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In recent days, the public has had various different views about the importance of the Olympic games event held annually by certain countries. Some groups of people think that the Olympic games are a means of bringing peace for many nations, while some others think that it is merely a wasting activity, and there are still many parts of human life that should be improved. The following paragraph will discuss both views, and convey my personal thought which I think money should be spent on other sectors, not on holding the event.
A stick of people stick to the same organization till their retirement, whilst, others prefer to move around in different types of workplaces throughout their career. And I’m more inclined with the latter option. This essay would outline both arguments and explain the reasons for my opinion.
Thanks to the advancement of technology, humanity has various ways to connect with each other, especially on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It can be observed that a large number of people are drawing attention to how each person keeps on track with new occasions or makes friends with people on social media. As far as I am concerned, I personally think there are more drawbacks than benefits, and my essay will shed light on both sides of the view.
One major problem that society has been already struggling with is waste disposal and one possible solution to reduce material is recycling practice. Although, in order to increase that activity, some people think that it should be a law. In this essay, I will explain why I agree that it can be a quick fix, but it is not the only way to encourage the city community to recycle their garbage.
I am writing this missive to let you know that I have recently been invited to a networking event and this conference is related to the Marketing area.It is compulsory for the staff members to attend the meeting and it has been scheduled for 19th March 2022.Furthermore,I have some doubts related to the customer dealing which left no excuse for me as to not attend the seminar.
Nowadays, advertising plays an essential role in most businesses. Many people believe that it is considered successful in attracting consumers to purchase things, while others disagree with this idea and reckon as though it is too common that the public is no longer persuaded by it. From my point of view, I am agreed with the first idea where it says promoting is a successful strategy. Both of these views will be discussed in detail in the following paragraphs including my opinion.
Video game players are legion, especially since the last decade when playing those games has democratized the whole world. To that, many people assert that this activity could be beneficial for gamers due to the benefits that could be derived from it. Others, however, opine that there are several drawbacks to this new tendency. I personally agree with the latter statement. This essay will discuss both opinions and explain why video games can be harmful to players.
As new homes are required in many parts of the world and the countryside is the only space left for constructing them. However, according to some people, it is imperative to preserve the beauty of small towns and they should not be considered for housing projects. I completely agree with this opinion for two reasons.
My name is Zannatul Firdaus ,I am from the Marketing department and my employee ID is, I am writing this letter to inform you that we have both been selected for a networking presentation by the company currently we are working.
To introduce, some people in the society think advertising makes us buy things which we really do not need. Whereas some believe placards are means through which new developments can reach people and help them in enhancing their lives. In the below paragraph, we will discuss both the sides and my balanced view.
I hope you are in the pink of your health.I was overjoyed and elated when I got your letter.I am grateful that you invited me to your place.Shivam used to tell me the stories and the funny incidents that he had with you.I was always curious to visit your house.But,this time it won't be possible for me to visit your house.Unfortunately,I have some other plans on that day which have been made in advance and it is impossible to cancel it now.
Each and every citizen whether being employed or jobless should receive a basic income for a good quality of life. I strongly agree with this opinion and think that government should support the population by giving a helping hand.
There is a growing consensus among countless people that the governing regime ought to allocate a small fund for all citizens irrespective of their employment status in order to fulfil their basic needs. I completely disagree with this view since it creates a pernicious impact on the country's economy.
A promotion to a higher position is one of the greatest motivations for workers to encourage themselves and perform intensively at the place they engage in. This essay explains the reason why those people commit themselves to their occupations to get an advancement and then I explore other incentives affecting employees to dedicate intensely.
I am writing this missive to let you know that I am from Marketing department and my employee id is 1290.My letter is regarding the networking presentation which has been allotted to us by the company and I am glad to know that the office had put us together in the same group.
Numerous experienced employees have the power in deciding whether to stay or not with the company that hired them. Recently, people are always in search of new occupations rather than staying with the same organization. In this essay, I will discuss why this is happening and how the company can prevent the likelihood of staff turnover.
In several nations, educational institutes remain available during the evenings to take care of pupils while their legal guardians are still occupied. Although numerous conveniences for this trend exist, other adverse still worth considering.
I hope you are healthy and safe. It was really great to hear from you after such a long time. Today I am writing this letter to inform you that, I would love to have Gia and Tanay over for the weekend.
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