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Many are of the opinion that there is an increase in recent technological advancement recording humans’ voices and actions while some do not aware of the happening. Although I agree that there are many advantages of advanced technology like more security for humans’ lives, there are some disadvantages of rapid technology as well. Both sides along with my perspective will be outlined in the following paragraphs.
The rapid spread of the internet has entirely changed the way of consuming information. Although users can access huge amounts of data effortlessly, it is believed that many times these sources could be incorrect or may not be accurate. I absolutely agree that information available on the internet may not be true due to a lack of monitoring and regulations.
Lack of sleep has caused a number of problems for people lately. There have been complaints about difficulties they have with sleeping. As family members are getting busier and due to their concerns about life and children, getting enough sleep has become a challenge.
Education experts are still seeking a righteous educational system. To that, deputies and teachers are actually debating about whether students should be enforced to follow a full-time education until they become legal adults or not. Personally, I partially believe that undergraduates need to study until the age of 18.
The well-being of citizens has always sparked heated debates . Recently, numerous deputies stated that a persons' health should be under the responsibility of their own, provoking a violent backlash in society. Personally, I firmly believe that it is the onus of governments to take care of their people, due to all the taxes they pay to finance the health system.
The education of our pupils has always sparked heated debates. Nowadays, experts and educators argue about who should teach children how to be good members of society. Personally, I espouse the idea that it is the onus of parents to show their offspring how to be useful citizens.
I am your next-door neighbour and I am writing to inform you that your daughter, Sarah, broke the front passenger window of my Chevrolet Caprice while playing softball yesterday afternoon. The car is brand new.
In recent times, universities are committing many unpaid internships as a need to accomplish students' success. In my opinion, although this impose may have some disadvantages, it has much more advantages.
Some would argue that youngsters ought to learn how to be a good member of society from their parents while others believe that school should teach this. Although fathers and mothers can teach social manners to their offspring, I believe that school and other institutions are the best places for a child to grow as a socially responsible member of it.
Some would argue that youngsters ought to learn how to be good citizens from their fathers and mothers, while others believe that school should teach this. While family can be the best institute for learning good social skills and behaviour, I personally believe that any social institution might be the best place for the children.
Today, many citizens in the world often self-medicate at home instead of going to the doctor and using conventional medicine. This essay will give the cause and effect of the problem.
Medical facilities to a person should not be provided for free irrespective of his financial status. The well-being of a person is in his own hands, so they should be taking care of themselves, entirely. However, I strongly disagree with this notion and believe that the audience living below the poverty line and government employees should be given free medical care.
Issues related to public communication are frequently discussed these days. It is argued that superstar and movies stars have shared their perspectives on public issues which they lack sufficient information over recent years. Despite the fact that there are some drawbacks, I would argue that there are more benefits. The explanation of the merit will be shown in the following paragraphs.
Some individuals commented that apprentices should take culinary discipline as part of their school curriculum. However, others argue that solely the most crucial topics should be taken. Personally, I regard the first view as the most relevant for students mental development owing to the fact that it is the earlier preparation for adult life. Although, it may probably be time-consuming. This essay will shed light on both sides of the view and provide evidence to prove the arguments.
Some people believe that global broadcasts and newspapers threaten states' cultures by delivering identical information to viewers. I agree with the idea because youngsters can be influenced by shows and motion graphics on TV and the internet, and western culture does not fit with Asian values.
It is believed communities are regulated by regulations and legislation. Therefore, if individuals were independent to do anything desired, it could be a complete mess. Personally, I strongly agree with the view owing to the fact that orders punish the defendants. Although in some cases are exaggerated. This essay will shed light on both sides of the view and provide evidence to prove the arguments.
Several individuals believe that bearing international games such as football or tennis has more benefits for society. However, others argue that it brings disadvantages. Personally, I advocate the first view opposing the second one owing to the fact that international sports provide regional visibility. Although it is a financial resources spending. This essay will shed light on both sides of the view and provide evidence from the UN investigation and the University of Oxford to prove the arguments.
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