IELTS Writing Samples Band 9

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Having higher schooling from university plays a brighter role in person future and this thing is popular currently in the world. But, there are countable successful people, who didn't get higher study. From my perspective higher education is as vital as anything else to be successful in life. And my position is argued further.
Some individuals commented that flaw is the evidence that the willpower to be successful was not there. Personally, I strongly disagree with the view since it is a shortfall in time management, and inappropriate techniques to accomplish the mission. Although sometimes luck and the holy spirit must be there. This essay will shed light on both sides of the view and provide evidence to prove the arguments.
A considerable proportion of citizens adopt the notion that social deficiencies such as deflation and unsettlement request state intervention. I strongly coincide with the former declaration, and this essay will hold the reasons for my view.
A considerable proportion of citizens adopt a preconceived notion that atrocities are considered equal in the eyes of justice despite the legal category age. I strongly oppose the former declaration, and this essay will hold the reasons for my view.
It is argued that there is a copying tendency in fashion and consumer products among humans where they mimic another person. I strongly agree with this statement because people follow celebrities and are motivated by advertisements.
Connoisseurs throughout the earth have debated whether the benefits of worldwide travel outweigh its pitfalls or not. Personally, I believe that the drawbacks do not outweigh the boons since it is the source of revenues for a wide variety of nations. Although it has its disadvantages. This essay will shed light on both sides of the matter and provide evidence to prove the arguments.
Recently, a societal issue related to commuting distance has been widely discussed among people the world over. Some argue that it brings negative effects while others disagree. As far as urbanization, economy and health are concerned, I strongly hold that the advantages of longer travel distances far outweigh the disadvantages.
In lifespan, individuals have opportunities to work with a plethora of job-mates with a particular character. Personally, I believe that attitude considering job obligations is the most pivotal a coworker should have since it increases companies' profits and helps with career growth. Although the willpower to know new things and to be hilarious plays their role. This essay will shed light on both sides of the view and provide evidence to prove the arguments.
I am writing to thank you for accepting to manage my home during my absence period which will last till the 25th of the current month. Let me introduce myself, I am Ali Hammoud, and I have been settling in this flat for three years.
The public health topic has always sparked heated debates among society. It is believed by many that, in order to enhance the shape of a given community, the number of sports facilities got to be increased since it will encourage a healthy lifestyle. From my perspective, I believe that other measures could be more beneficial for this public system, such as building new hospitals.
I am writing to demand a recommendation letter that is required for the position published recently in the newspaper last week. Let me start by introducing myself, I am Alex Hammoud, and I am a civil engineer in the transportation department.
I am writing this letter regarding the airdrome that you are aiming to build in my region in the upcoming months. Moreover, the citizens of my town demanded from me to deliver their votes and to represent them in front of our city council which its performance have been notable since it was elected.
Some people commented that the best way to enhance folk medical problems is done by soaring game infra-structures. However, others believe that this advancement would lead to an insignificant impact on individuals' health. Personally, I advocate the second view opposing the first since, industrialized food and tightened work schedule is behind this. Although, these furnishings could contribute significantly to boosting their lifestyle. This essay will shed light on both sides of the view and provide evidence to prove the arguments.
Natural energy resources are essential for the survival of humanity on this globe. Their need is increasing day by day so unexplored regions must be searched to find these reservoirs. I completely agree with this point of view because our lives are dependant on it.
I am Swathi Reddy, currently working as a software engineer in India. I have learned about your seminar on Ethical Hacking, scheduled to be held in Sydney, Australia in December 2018, through an advertisement in a newspaper. I am planning to attend this workshop and need some further details.
I am writing to inform you that, I had taken the 4 wheeler from our company on yesterday for my official work. Because unfortunately, I met with a small accident today morning.
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