Nowadays, in many countries young people do not communicate with older people as much as they used to. Why is this happening? How could this situation be improved?

In recent times, it is observed that the young population is becoming less social with the older ones as compared to the past.
there are various reasons linked to it, still
problem has solutions. Subsequent paragraphs will explain them in detail.  There are numerous reasons why the young crowd is lacking communication with their old members.The key issue behind
is their hectic work schedule throughout the week. Since there is a surge in the cost of basic needs, individuals need to work overtime to meet the ends.
As a result
, there is no spare
left for them to spend with the old generation.
, the increased trend of using social media platforms is occupying family
.To elucidate,
due to
the availability of ample categories of chatting and video calling applications on the internet, youngsters are forming reel connections, which in turn result in losing the significance of grandparents in their lives.
For example
, an article in Hindustan Times depicts that seventy per cent of adults have more than 8 hours of engagement on chatting apps like Facebook and Twitter.
situation could be improved by following various steps. First of all, the government should promote more family shows rather than telecasting unwonted advertisements repeatedly. Inducing
measure would help in bonding each and every family person by spending quality
, companies must restrict the working hours of the employees and provide a flexible timetable to their staff.
would not only assist the workers to devote sufficient
to their families but
enhance their cognitive ability to work efficiently. In India,
for instance
, Cloudworx, an IT company is earning huge profits because of the promotion of the mental wellness of employees by giving access to adjustable working spans to them.
To conclude
, despite the fact that owing to tight working patterns and more usage of social media, young ones are rendering insufficient
with their senior family members, by watching family programmes,one could definitely realise the importance of a family.
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