In some countries it is traditional for men to work and for women to stay at home to look after the family. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

In the modern era, even though it is commonly acknowledged that solely men are responsible for bringing home the bacon and women have a duty to take care of children and other family members. In
essay, the pros and cons of
phenomenon will be discussed, as you will see.
To begin
with, men working outside the houses have several advantages. First and foremost, the physiological traits of men like being sturdy and stout are suitable for laborious tasks in factories and industries. Owing to these factors, society has assigned gender roles to both boys and girls. Because of their rationality and being less emotional in stressful situations, boys can work much better as compared to girls who are deemed to be emotional and impulsive in similar situations.
For instance
, if there is some war-like situation in the country, males are capable of those abilities which
situation necessitates.
, the idea of adult boys pursuing professions in workplaces turns out to be fruitful for public and private organizations.
On the other hand
, the proclivity of females to be confined to homes has notable disadvantages for the family
in particular
and society in general. The chief among them is that women who are restricted to kitchens are unable to enhance their intellectual, cognitive and social skills. The lack of development in their professional
as well as
interpersonal skills leads to the deterioration of their careers.
, if only adult males are working in some communities, masculinity stems from
notion with concomitant problems for the family and society.
For example
, guys will tend to be authoritative in homes and workplaces and it will culminate in the subordination of females to males.
idea of prohibiting ladies to do jobs has grave consequences. In a nutshell, it is a prevalent notion among some countries that guys have
social role of doing jobs and ladies are for nursing children and looking after the family.
essay discussed noteworthy pros and cons of
perspective. I personally believe lads and girls have different functions with respect to their capabilities and physiological setups. In future, I hope sanity may prevail in the world and people may try to live with open-mindedness.
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