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Crime and drug abuse puzzles are becoming more widespread in many parts of the developed world. In this essay I will examine the rationale and the method of a proposal with a wide range of perspectives and provide logical conclusions.
Industrialization is an inevitable part of the development of any economy. Although it had improved the standard of living and economic growth, a tremendous increase in the number of crimes and illegal activities had resulted too. There are numerous measures which people, as well as governments, can adopt to tackle these issues.
Urbanization is a sign of development, but society experiences many negative impacts due to this development, such as rising crime rates and drug abuse. It is important for the government and other agencies to take notice of such increasing antisocial activities in the urban areas, and in this essay, I will give some suggestions to control such problems.
People have different options regarding urbanization, It is argued that the community faced lots of public problems due to modernization.This essay will examine cases of this action and the forthcoming paragraphs showed solutions.
In modern times, crime and drug abuse is on the rise. Due to ,modernization our civilization is under immense pressure to control these problems. To overcome such issues possible solutions like making stringent laws and creating more job opportunities for
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