IELTS Writing Samples Band 7.5

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I was a potential employee to whom you made a job offer. I would like to extend my thanks for such an offer, especially at such a company as yours. It is, however, with deepest regret that I must decline your generous invitation and apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused.
Growing population has been one of the major concerns for urban areas. This essay will discuss the issue caused by overpopulation is the significant increase in traffic. However, this problem is not insurmountable if the government of a country applies a solution which is going to propose in this essay.
It is sometimes argued that people have to experience some difficulties in enjoying their hobbies. While reasons can be given to justify this, I personally believe that pastimes should be easily found enjoyable.
A large portion of individuals hold the opinion that learning how to cook is an imperative quality needed in order to survive, therefore, cooking classes should be a part of school curriculums. On the contrary, some refute this belief and think that these classes would be a waste of valuable teaching time. I firmly disagree with this opinion.
People trust that there ought to be a settled discipline for each kind of wrongdoing. Others contend that the conditions of an individual wrongdoing obviously need to be tackled with great considerations. This essay attempts to discuss both sides of this issue as well as my mindset.√
It is true that many offenders continue to commit crime after being punished. Although there will undoubtedly be some negative consequences of this trend, steps can be taken to mitigate these potential problems. It is the aim of this essay to discuss several causes and put forward some solutions to tackle this issue.
Incorporating mathematics into the school curriculum has long been part of the traditional educational system. However, some parents argue that mathematics is not a necessary subject, while others still believe that it is. This essay will discuss both of these viewpoints.
Needless to say, every human being has his/her own manners of learning. Some people believe that learn something in a group is better because it is efficient, and others find, sometimes, nature of content matters most , therefore, learning as an individual is an appropriate process to gain knowledge.
Endorsements have had played an inevitable role in the lives of people. While some people believe that advertisements affect them negatively, others consider it a positive thing. The aim of this essay is to analyse whether advertising is fruitful for society or not and state my opinion.
English language tests like IELTS is popular among people who intend to migrate to other countries in search of employment or pursue higher education. Nowadays, these tests are more delivered through electronic medium such as the computers, rather than the traditional paper-based tests. This essay will discuss both advantages and disadvantages of this trend and show that, indeed, computer based tests are superior to paper based tests.
To catch up with the speed pace of modern life, a huge number of people prefer spending time on the practice fields in terms of science and business to the conventional aspects of life, such as painting or music. From my perspective, there are various causalities of this phenomenon; however, some effective efficacies could take into consideration to intrigue people to the retro values.
The problem of noise pollution is currently increasing in the modern society. While some individuals believe the levels of noise being created should be strictly controlled, I would argue that people should have the right to produce noise if they want to.
It is commonly stated that richer nations ought to accept more asylum seekers and assist them with food and shelter, which are fundamental needs for humans. This essay strongly disagrees with this view because refugees often face difficulties with communication, which leads them to unemployment and countries should solve the problems of their own citizens first.
Despite the environmental benefits of cycling, few people are riding a bicycle for transportation. This essay will examine the main causes for the uncommon use of bicycles and propose possible solutions to this problem.
There is a school of thought thinking that teachers should not give homework for children, while other people hold a view that the setting of homework is an essential part of education. I personally would side with the second view that children should be given homework.
It is clear that some students nowadays have a tendency to get a temporary job or go on a trip for some time before they start to study at universities after they graduate from their high school. While I accept that there are several benefits and drawbacks of this option, I would argue that it is useful to take a gap year to work or travel.
People have different views about the teaching of national versus global literature and history in schools. Personally, I support the idea that children should study first and foremost the great books and historical events of their own countries.
In recent decades, there is little doubt that a lot of time and money has been spent on protecting wildlife. Some people argue that it is higher important to allocate these resources to the human population. However, I strongly disagree with this view for some reasons.
Many people argue that public libraries are no longer necessary because of the development of technology. While I agree that online libraries bring various benefits for people, I would believe that it is still worth spending money on maintaining physical libraries.
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