Traffic and housing problems could be solved by moving large companies, factories and their employees to the countryside. Do you agree or disagree ?

It is acknowledged that businesses and their facilities should be relocated to the countryside so that traffic congestion and housing shortages are solved immediately. From my perspective, I agree with
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I believe that there are other several effective measures to overcome
problem of traffic and house for residents.
To begin
with, policy about the relocation of business can bring many prominent benefits.
action can bring about a rise in employment opportunities for residents who are living in
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rural areas and relying mostly on agricultural practice. The authorities can build more new houses for employees working in these companies or factories,
that, they will improve and pay more attention to the people’s living standards.
, the traffic problems would
be alleviated
as a result
movement. More specifically, it has a reduction in emissions from private vehicles and facilitates the development of public transportation which is more eco-friendly and lessens the congestion on the road.
, a number of other approaches should be taken into consideration. The Government could address the problem by implementing policies in order to construct many bypass roads. These routes can diminish the pressure for transportation on the main road and many pollution issues.
In addition
, the authorities can introduce a subsidy for housing costs so as to solve the factor of unaffordable housing. They interfere more in offering certain packages of accommodation loans to those from poor backgrounds should be adopted In conclusion, while relocating large companies and businesses to the rural area can overwhelm the transportation and housing trouble to some degree, other effective solutions should not be neglected.
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