You are planning a business trip to another city. You will have some free time to do some sight seeing while you are there. Write a letter to a friend who lives in the city you will visit. In your letter explain the purpose of the trip ask about things to do and see in the city invite your friend to do something with you during your visit

Hello David, How are you? It has been
a long time since we've been able to catch up and meet each other. I hope you and all your family members are good. I'm writing to let you know that I'm will be on a business trip to Atlanta
Saturday. I know that you live nearby that's why I'd like to see you if you are free. Let me describe the purpose of my trip. Do you remember Anna? She is my supervisor now. Our company's product is struggling to compete in the Atlanta area, so Anna called me yesterday and arranged for
trip to increase our product's sales in that area.I will finish my meetings at 3:00 P.M, so I would have plenty of time to explore the city, and I think it is going to be fun if you joined me. If you are free to join, can you recommend some places to visit? I really want to explore your city and see new places.
In addition
, I would like to try new restaurants. Even I bought two tickets already for us to the aquarium, you have to come,though. I can't wait to hear back from you. Best wishes, Jay
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