In a number of countries, some people think that it is necessary to spend a large sum of money on constructing a new railway line for very fast trains between cities. Others believe that the money spends on improving existing public transport. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays when the advancement of technology is at its peak, various nations around the world have developed bullet train networks and it has been a hot topic for debates for the
few years. While some people advocate the expenditure on constructing these superior rail links, others suggest improving the current public transportation.
To begin
with, industrialization has been possible due to the improvement in different means of transit, particularly railways, and in
modern era of globalization, it is necessary to develop high-speed railway links. To explain
, an increase in the population means more demand for products and food items which need to be distributed to the masses on time,
a high-speed railway is a feasible option to tackle
issue of shipment in a short deadline period.
For example
, various online stores can deliver their products to their customers with a commitment of
-day delivery
strengthening the business and economy.
I strongly disagree with the idea of investing the money to improve the existing public transport rather than planning
high-speed train system, I see why some individuals have a negative attitude towards these projects. Airways is definitely the fastest and most comfortable means of transport as compared to any other means of transportation,
the cargo airlift ships to thousands of miles within few hours.
In addition
to that, people believe that these high-speed trains could have safety concerns and any accident would be fatal.
, air transport is way dependent on the weather conditions and often flights get delayed or even cancelled,
, it is safer and more reliable.
For instance
, all the bullet trains are automated to a level that the speed is adjusted as per the track situation and climatic parameters, and the whole operation everything is monitored in real-time. In conclusion, I am having an opinion that investment of government funds on a new fast railway network is essential for the growth of the nation and it is a safer and more convenient means of transportation saving enough of time.
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