Young people often copy the behaviour of adults, so all employees of VinGroup should only be allowed to eat healthy food or drink and should not encourage unhealthy habits such as smoking. Do you agree or disagree?

often follow the
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of parents,
all staff of Vingroup is encouraged to be role model of their
and I agree with
of all, healthy food is good for the
's development, the family always gathers and has meals together. When adults eat healthy food
for example
vegetables or boiled meat, low- fat, high-carb diet... the
will have the habit to eat that food.
, the adults usually share their experience and knowledge about nutrients and the way to eat scientifically, so young people can learn from them.
, the unhealthy habits of adults like smoking or drinking alcohol can affect the
's lifestyle. Even the kids will be absorbed into toxic smoke indirectly when they are near a smoking person. They will mimic when they see their relatives drink and smoke. Young people are not mature enough to think independently and they are very vulnerable. If they are copying bad habits too often, they may lose their own identity gradually and have a hard time spending their time learning and contributing to society.
, if they are smoking and drinking too much, they will have physical and mental problems. They may have brain atrophy and lung diseases... In conclusion, young people try to copy their parents because parents are their closest. I believe that if a member of Vingroup has a healthy lifestyle, their
will have a good environment to grow and develop.In opposite, for a long period of time mimicking bad
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will suffer many disadvantages in their life.
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