Nowadays, people spend a lot in celebrating occasions. Do you think it is a good or bad thing? Give your opinion.

In modern society, there is a wide range of lifestyles. One of the trends is that people spend a huge amount of time celebrating special occasions. As far as I am concerned,
is a positive aspect in terms of building relationships and preserving their culture. The
aspect to point out is that individuals can have high valued relationships with their loved ones when they spend much time with them.
For instance
, individuals will appreciate their well-being and their personal development on their birthdays when family members celebrate each other.
experience will make their bonds tighter and each person will cherish themselves.
As a result
will have a positive impact on the whole society in terms of respecting others. Another important issue is that the public will be able to pass their customs onto the
For example
, in Japan, new year's day is one of the most important occasions. People gather not only to celebrate the day, but they
learn the importance of preserving their culture. Parents or grandparents will teach their children the meanings of ways of celebrating the special occasion.
, the customs on new year's day have not died out
many people have been adopting western culture in
modern community. To conclude, from my point of view, celebrating special occasions are vital in order to have high valued relationships with their loved ones.
, it will protect their customs which is
an important aspect of modern society.
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