Write a letter to the hotel manager to make arrangement for hosting a party for one of your friend's. In your letter  tell the manager about the reason for the party Explain what requirements you have As about the availability of facilities and the menu

Dear Sir, My name is Zannatul Firdaus, I am a service holder and I leave at khilgaon in Dhaka. Today I am writing
letter to inform you that, I want to throw a party at your hotel
, I wish that you make some arrangements for me and my friends.  To embark with, my best friend Rossi is turning 28 on the 1st of February, for
, reason me and my friends decided to arrange a surprise birthday party. Our budget is around Tk.10,000 to Tk.12,000. I want to book a party hall from 4pm to 8pm, Please try to arrange it for us.
In addition
, I have some requirements if you can fulfil, it will be splendid.
as, I want you to arrange some snacks and soft drinks within our budget.
, if you can please arrange a game which is chair sitting,
, please fix up some chairs and some music, it would be great.
, I want to know about the facilities over there, if the place will not be crowded it will be beneficial for us.
but not the least, I want to park my car in the hotel parking if you have.  I hope you will definitely help us. I will wait for your reply. With regards, Zannatul Firdaus
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