Some people encourage young children to leave their parents house as soon as they become adults while other say children should stay at their parents house as long as possible. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

a few individuals motivate youngsters to be more independent by moving out from their family once they become mature, whereas others, on the opposite, say that they should postpone it.
essay discusses both sides of
argument and why I believe that youngsters should take
move. There are two reasons why people think that minors should not live alone the moment they look mature.
To begin
with, the
reason why families should not allow their offspring to leave their house is that they are not fully aware of themselves.
, young adults might commit a fatal flaw that might change their trajectory in life.
For example
, when a teen is caught up with an unlegal drug
might put that teen in prison.
, in the future, most businesses will not hire him
is because of his criminal record.
, another reason why parents must not approve of the idea of pursuing independence at a young age is that it is too risky. Not to mention, is that maybe
kid is abused by someone else.
On the other hand
, I personally agree with those who claim that it is kosher for someone who has just matured to be independent by leaving their parent villa. The main reason why
consensus agrees with
argument is that it will make a youngster more accountable.
, it will have taught them how to survive, so they have to be more alert about themselves, their surroundings, and life. How to cook,
for instance
, when a young adult lives alone
might teach that kid how to prepare a good meal.
, being independent at a young age would enrich a minor's experience. Despite the fact that they might be exposed to a variety of people which means that they have to know how to deal with them. In conclusion, I believe both sides have merits. On balance,
, it is my opinion that a future adult has to seize
chance to live alone
is because eventually it will make them more accountable and teach them how to tackle life.
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