You want to arrange a conference for your company, and you need to ask one of your colleagues to give a presentation in this conference. Write a letter to your colleague. In your letter include: Details about the conference Why you want your colleague to give presentation What arrangement will you do for this conference

Change the punctuation

The abbreviated title Mr. seems to be punctuated incorrectly. Consider changing the punctuation.

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Smith I am writing
letter to invite you to a speech in the modern technology
which will be held at the conference hall on 10th September
Remove the comma

It appears that you have incorrectly used a comma with a date. Consider removing the comma.

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2022. The conference is about one of the controversial issues in recent years which is drawbacks of modern technology. The reason that I consider you a suitable candidate for talking in the
is your experience in the latest technology and its impact on the human mind. As you are aware, teenagers spend most of their time browsing the internet which results in decreasing their performance in school.
, your recent research’s result can demonstrate how serious is internet addiction and what measures should be taken to tackle
issue. I will send the detailed program of the
in the coming weeks so you can arrange your speaking time, and I would appreciate it if it would not exceed twenty minutes. Please let me know should you require more information about the
. Yours sincerely, Dorna Sadeghi
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