Although you are meant to present your thesis project in one month, your sister is getting married in Spain at the same time. You would like to change dates for your presentation. Write a letter to your professor. In your letter: Explain the situation Remind the professor of your academic achievements to date Ask for a different date to present your thesis

Dear Mr David, I am writing to let you know that I will not be able to present my thesis
in July
, and I would like to kindly ask you to change the dates of my presentation. Let me describe my situation. My sister lives in Spain and she is preparing to get married soon. Her wedding day will clash with the dates of my presentation. It is super important for me to attend her wedding with my family and friends. She would be depressed if I did not attend her wedding and I do not want to make her sad on that special day. I hope you will consider my situation favourably. I have been working on my
for two months so far, and I am done with almost 80% of it. I expect that
would be beneficial for all our team members. I would like to change the presentation date from July,
to June, 18th to be able to present my
successfully. Thank you for your understanding. Best regards, Jay
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Use cohesive linking words accurately and appropriately

Linking words are very important in your essay.

To score effectively on your IELTS exam, you should make an effort to implement short concise sentences coupled with linking words.

Almost every sentence in your essay should have a linking word of some sort.

In fact, the only sentences that can omit linking words are your background sentence and thesis.

Linking word examples:

  • firstly
  • secondly
  • thirdly
  • in additional
  • moreover
  • also
  • for example
  • for instance
  • therefore
  • however
  • although
  • even though
  • despite

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