Some people think that developing countries need financial help from international organizations. Others think that it is practical aid and advice that is needed.Discuss these views and give your own opinion.

modern busy world,it is argued by many people that developing nations need financial support from international institutes to become advanced countries, while a common belief is that those territories are in need of practical recommendations and pieces of advice.Personally,I totally agree with the
group.I will explain both viewpoints in the following paragraphs.
of all, getting monetary help from multinational organizations might be beneficial for impoverished societies.A good illustration of
is African crowds who are infamous for famine and disadvantaged education systems.
,if they receive sums of budget from United Nations, they will enhance their citizen's quality of life and
will mitigate poverty in their communities.
For example
, they can develop their food industries,
that, make education compulsory for every individual.To summarize,an adequate amount of money can probably make a huge difference in various aspects.
On the other hand
, there is a group of folks who have an opinion that hands_on help would be much better due to the severe lack of specialists in some regions.To cue evidence,Iran is a developing republic with a privileged background.
country is deprived of well_educated politics and advisors.So,in
case, practical aids are facilitating difficulties and problems of the population by modifying legislation of the land that I mentioned above. To draw a conclusion,it is clear that financial investment is advantageous for undeveloped governments, but in my perspective,we should not underestimate the importance of practice help and somehow it is more effective.
, in the near future, authorities use equal procedures all around the world.
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