Nowadays, the use of animal testing in medical research has become a hot topic. Some people believe that animal testing should be banned, whereas others claim it is necessary. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Some individuals commented that the use of fauna in the medicinal investigation should be abolished.
, others argue that it is crucial and scientists should continue. Personally, I advocate the
view opposing to the
since the research analysis benefits all.
it is against the fauna protection rules.
essay will shed light on both sides of the view and provide evidence to prove the argument. On the one hand, the animals' used in pharmaceutical experimentation produced reliable results.
In other words
sort of research has shown robust information in the past,
, it is vital their application today.
For instance
, the coronavirus vaccine was
tested in monkeys, once the wild species body has a similar functioning mechanism to human beings, and the antibiotic was produced in a record period of time.
As a result
, trustworthy and appropriate medicine is made.
, it is the overriding reason for pharmaceutical field development these days.
On the other hand
, the utilization of zoos goes against protectionism laws. Because of the necessity to safeguard terrestrial or marine species, there is a misalignment between the environmental activists and the medical researchers making their dispute over whether it is the right or bad thing to use guinea pigs
for example
, there are one-side communities that are critical and others are in favour.
, the therapeutical use of wildlife is pointed out as the prime reason for heated debates nowadays. In conclusion, notwithstanding some critical ideas concerning the utilization of zoos into scientific overhaul, it is pivotal to continue the saga because it results in extremely advantageous scoops not only for supporters of the ideas but for every individual.
, I still advocate the animal application.
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