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The above line graph indicates the number of gas emissions, specifically carbon dioxide from 1976 until 2007 in four different developed countries. In general, throughout 31 years of monitoring, production of emission in Portugal and Italy were rising. In contrast, Sweden and the UK's contributions were decreasing.
The line graph show of amount of carbon dioxide emissions in 1976 to 2007 in four countries united Kingdom, Sweden Italy and Portugal.
Nowadays,some teenagers spend hours on mobile phones in their daily lives has become a major issue in our society.It is argued that this phenomenon is harmful to the youth,even though quite a lot of advertisements claim that playing an intellectual game on mobile phones is good for cultivating a child’s creation and innovation,I completely agree that there are many disadvantages accompanying the process.
In this modern world, it is irrefutable fact that the person who has a good creative mindset and makes some unique things definitely earns a higher amount of salary from that art whereas labours are done hard effort during the whole day but their wages are not up to the mark. So some groups of people believe that the higher authorities should look into this matter and remove this difference in pay scale between labours who do the highest labour work and artists who do less work. I will explain both views in a further essay.
There is a widely held perception in many parts of the world today that, nowadays more and more individuals are interested in working overseas to earn more money as well as get convenience. There are several reasons for this development. I think that has positively affected our lives and society. In my opinion, there are two main advantages to this situation. In this essay, I will briefly discuss some of the major causes of this problem and also offer some possible reasons for this.
It is irrefutable fact that in this modern era , an increasing number of more and more humans believe that the government must be held accountable when issues of homelessness and unemployment arise. From my point of view, it is the best way to solve this type of issue. Many individuals hold different beliefs about it. Personally, l definitely with the above-expressed statement and there are many compelling reasons to support my view. In this following essay, l intend two reasons for this.
In this period of technology, nowadays both age groups, children and adults are spending their important hours doing recreational activities such as games. Some individuals claim that this is extremely harmful to their physically and mentally healthy.In my opinion,I agree with the notion that screen activities are not acceptable,and my opinion will discuss in further paragraphs with a reasoned conclusion.
It is believed by some individuals that schools ought to put instructing useful proficiencies to pupils as the first priority. However, others consider that these institutions should concentrate on academic topics, like science and math. I am in complete agreement with the former group of people. I will explain both statements as well as elaborate on my point of view below.
While singing can be perceived as a mere means of entertainment by some individuals, it can also play a significant role in the community nowadays according to others.
Becoming homesick is one of the major concerns of those who would want to go abroad for living, work or continue their further studies. There are some compelling reasons why this is happening; however, given appropriate measures are adopted, it will be reduced to a great extent.
Today, the advantages of the internet bridge the gap of communication that has gotten into the lives of peoples’ businesses where meetings, discussions and training were all gone online, however, there are drawbacks to these trends. In this essay, I will discuss and explore the different factors contributing to the changes and provide my opinion.
This bar chart gives us pieces of data about the different means of transportation for people going to and returning from their work in a European city in 1960, 1980 and 2000.
The graph below shows the different modes of transport used to travel to and from work in one European city in 1960, 1980 and 2000. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information below.
the bar chart shows the proportion of female and male drivers passing their driving test in one country in Asia over 30 years starting from 1980.
The chart shows the percentage of women and men in one Asian country who passed when they took their driving test between 1980 and 2010
In the modern world education curriculum, students are required to work at an organization for a short duration without remuneration. These programs are generally called 'Internship'. This essay will discuss the facts that despite the short-term negative perception students develop about the corporate job environment, the practical knowledge they gain is critical to developing a solid foundation for their future professional career means that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.
It is noticeable that many advertisements are keeping on telling people that their products are totally new ,or have something creative in some aspects.There are several reasons for this phenomenon,and I believe it is a negative change.
Looking at the world it is clear that we are flooded with countless commercials every day. But it is a dilemma whether they bring more harm than good. My perspective is that television ads are useful in general.
it is thought that authorities must hold on to protecting the customary look of ancient apartments which go through refurbishment or revamping. I totally agree with this notion because it's adding uniqueness to the surroundings as well as a cultural identity.
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