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Due to individuals’ unlimited want and desire, sometimes they loan money from their acquaintances. So, they could fulfil their needs. While most contend that borrowing funds inflict friendship, I repent that it is valuable. This essay will support why it is plausible to borrow money from our friends.
It is considered by some people that challenging hobbies are enjoyable. In my own perspective, I disagree that recreational activities must be difficult in order to be pleasurable.
Nowadays, a growing number of sports events organized in various parts of the world, the corporate have found a new medium to advertise their products as sponsorship. It is considered an excellent strategy by a certain section of the society, because it caters to the masses and is also valuable for the new businesses. However, others believe that it has a lot of demerits. In my opinion companies should sponsor the sports for their growth.
It is considered by some that country develops rapidly, if people from different nations stay together in a same country and I completely agree with the notion.
Many people are of the opinion that group study is a better way for students to learn, whereas, some think that it is more beneficial to read in isolation. The essay below will discuss on both sides of the statement, as I will also highlight my personal view on the topic.
Nowadays, with a variety of options available in the market, shopping has become the leisure activity for most of the Millenials because they feel relaxed and confident while purchasing these articles. In my opinion, the youngsters should be motivated to spend their free time in more productive activities rather than hopping from shops to shops to enhance their personality.
It is a fact that the tendency to work or study in the city centre is considered as common amongst the young population these days. In general, there are different reasons accounting for why many people choose a city life; however, my standpoint is that the drawbacks of this trend are greater than its advantages.
Most of the countries considered the period of 18 as an age for becoming citizen and allow the youngster to take responsibilities. However, some of the nations are still considering the lifetime of 18 as an immature stage and restrict the teenagers to start taking decision. In my opinion, the 18 years is the perfect time to give freedom for the youngsters. The following essay state points to support my opinion.
People spend most of their leisure time watching television. Individuals become less active because of this, and it does not allow them to interact with other humans. I completely agree with the statement. The essay below will elaborate more on the reasons.
Over the last two decades, the internet has completely revolutionized our means of communication. Some people believe that this technical advancement has brought people from different parts of the world together; while others reject this idea. I believe that online connectivity has in fact enabled people to stay effortlessly connected with one another, regardless of their geographical location.
In this modern world, the internet is getting popular in every field including educational department. The online studies are much famous because of its benefits and is in a position to replace the traditional method of learning. However, some groups argue that the old way of teaching is better and it cannot be replaced with the e-learning. In my opinion, online learning is having the advantage. However, it cannot eliminate the traditional method.The following essay state points to support ...
World population is increasing in such a way that every person in the country can not enjoy the facilities provided by its Government. One among such debatable subject is secondary in every locality. This discussion is my opinion that proves a private institution has not had any negative side as many of the people considering.
Nowadays, a group of people, argue that spending period on watching movies is not going to have a value for the time and some group opposes this, saying that watching the film is not a waste of seconds. In my opinion, watching the screen is not spoiling the time and I encourage the individuals to see. The following essay state points to support my opinion.
An Industry that has been known for its continuous growth is Tourism. Encouraging people to visit an area by the dwellers is always a step in the right direction. This is because, it brings so many good things to the individuals and the community at large. The essay below will shine more light on some of the gains.
Due to problems associated with the usage of fossil fuels, government ought to encourage the use of alternative sources of energy. I agree that those other forms of energy such as solar and wind will be a remedy to the issue of global warming.
Technological advancement has infiltrated all spheres of life, including education. It is believed by some that the increasing use of computers for learning is a positive development, while others hold the view that it has more negative repercussions. In my opinion, although some of its effects may be detrimental, I consider its role in education as a plus.
Movement of people from one place to another have been on the high side. These could be for business purposes, education or vacation. Presently, wards are now being sent to study outside their home countries by their parents because of certain reasons.
In a male dominated society, females have to fight for their rights. Although more than fifty person of the employees are women, the highest posts are mainly occupied by men in the in the developed countries. There should be a justifiable way to distribute these positions equally in both genders. I strongly agree with this statement.
Many people today feel that there are several choices for the present generation. There are many reasons for this like nowadays everything can be done by online. In my opinion, I agree with the statement because of growth in the technology we have so many options, whereas it is not the case in the past. This essay will provide evidence in support of this position.
There is a popular saying "friends can make or mar your". It is believed by some populace that it is preferable to pick friends with the same opinions as them while other people think  otherwise. In my opinion, I believe the latter is the case as it is better to have pals who at times disagree with your views.
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